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iv                                      Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            Drummer in San Francisco placed him at the center of the revolution,
            and Gay San Francisco is filled with significant details from those years.”
               •  Mark Thompson, editor emeritus, The Advocate, author of Leath-
            erfolk: “What a good thing Fritscher has done in Gay San Francisco . . . This
            is an invaluable testament that will be useful for decades to come.”
               •  Joseph  W.  Bean, former  editor  of  Drummer and  executive
            director, Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago, abridged from Leather
            Times: News from the Leather Archives & Museum: “When it came to
              creating an issue of Drummer, no one did it better than Jack Fritscher. He
            began reinterpreting popular culture in a leather context.  With perfect
            pitch, he wrote with zest, energy, cynicism, sarcasm, respect, and aware-
            ness working out the blend of secret brotherhood and popular culture,
            guiding leathermen’s hearts and minds. He had the skills, talent, and life-
            style experience needed. He could juxtapose God, gonads, and drooling
            desire. Fritscher’s method was perfect for who we were and for the time.
            He grabbed us and we learned to think in his ‘language.’ He wrote with
            style, intelligence, and urgency. He changed as we changed in finding
            ourselves. I owe Fritscher a lot, starting with my adult sexual vocabulary.
            When I became editor of Drummer and an upcoming issue was at an
            impasse, publisher Tony DeBlase often counseled: ‘Do a Fritscher!’”
               •  Geoff Mains, author, Urban Aboriginals, in The Advocate: “Jack
            Fritscher writes wonderful books . . . careful writing . . . a world of insight.”
               •  Jim Stewart, Department Head emeritus, Social Sciences &
            History Dept., Chicago Public Library: “Jack Fritscher as ‘eyewitness’
            in Gay San Francisco is kin to Christopher Isherwood as ‘camera’ in his
            Berlin Stories. Climbing the scaffolding of the chapter-and-verse structure
            of Drummer, he unfurls a rainbow flag of narrative about the foreign
            country of our gay past, and of its citizens and denizens, living, lost, dead,
            or forgotten.”
               •  Jim Van Buskirk, Program Manager, James C. Hormel Gay
            & Lesbian Center, San Francisco Public Library: “Gay San Francisco
            offers a uniquely personal perspective on the history and culture of one
            of San Francisco’s previously under-documented underground communi-
            ties — the masculine-identified.”
               •  David Perry, The Advocate: “Jack Fritscher — himself something
            of an icon — didn’t invent the Castro [and Folsom]. He just made it myth-
            ical . . . heady, erotic, comic . . . . If one can learn American history from the
            novels of Gore Vidal, one can learn gay American history from Some Dance
            to Remember [the ‘Drummer novel’ excerpted in Drummer] . . . .  Graphically
            elegant style.”
               •  Marilyn Jaye Lewis, founder, Erotic Authors Association: “Gay
            San Francisco is an essential document in the ‘Gay Enlightenment’ culled

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