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380                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            also, under the name of Gary Lockwood, the star of 2001: A Space Odyssey
               Leather History Alert: The opening essay of the Guild Press Leather!
            was, I think, the first “leather manifesto.”
               Upon its homomasculinity I found the solidarity to build the attitude
            and plot of Leather Blues, which is, despite its publishing odyssey, very
            much a quintessential Drummer novel. The Guild Leather “manifesto”
            was the masculine-leather ethos I injected into Drummer, and then dra-
            matized politically in the very Drummer novel, Some Dance to Remember,
            with its plot about a leather magazine with its own controversial “Mascu-
            linist Manifesto.”
               I chose to write “Leather Christmas 1977” in a mix of present and
            past tenses to intensify its immediacy. This essay is not fiction. All of it,
            including the “Bible-sex scene” at the Folsom Baths, is true. The man who
            called himself, “Thumper,” was the San Francisco actor, David Baker,
            and should not be confused with my other pal, the famous San Francisco
            barber Jim “Thumper” McPherson, pictured in Drummer 115, page 32.
            The leather S&M priest was the Reverend Jim Kane.

            II.  The feature essay as published in Drummer 19, December 1977

            S&M’s New Definition . . .

                      Leather Christmas 1977

            Christmas gives me fucked-out eyes. Lots of looks at lots of parties. Ter-
            rific tumbles at the tubs. Men visiting San Francisco for the Holidays.
            Remembrance of the whole year’s close encounters of the male kind.
            Man-ghosts of Christmas Past. Eyeing wise men in threesomes. Endur-
            ing inevitable S&M Christmas cards that say: “ChriStMaS: Two “S’s” and
            one “M.” Have a well-hung Holiday.” Omigod.
               Christmas celebrates toys, toy soldiers, and men of good and consent-
            ing will. Estranged lovers decide to speak. Love is found with the proper
            stranger. Childless men celebrate the birth of the Basic Male of Western


            Already this holiday season, at the new Folsom bar called the Brig, which
            was the No Name before it was the Bolt, a guy named Thumper, says
            “Hi” to me. We talk. I buy him a Lite. He rubs my chest. I spotted him

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