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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                385
             once, in our too-soft society, they feel they must endure with all manly
             fortitude the primal therapy of the ritual vigils, pains, and humiliations
             endured by every ancient warrior worth his manhood.
             THUMPER HANGS ON

             Thumper began to moan. I turned on even more. The sight of his tanned
             muscular body hanging taut led to a truism: every body looks better in the
             strain of bondage. The sculpture of bondage. Definition of muscular bulk
             becomes clearer. Sweat rolls from under the arms, glistens down the trim
             sides. The cock, a length of rawhide tied tight around its base, distends,
             hard-veined. A clear string drools from its anxious mouth.
                Electrical clips clamp his tits. Chains from each clip run up through
             eye hooks and dangle down to the lead weights swinging opposite his erect
             cock. This magnificent man whom girls turn to cruise in the streets hangs
             strung up in back by his wrists between his shoulder blades, strung up in
             front by his tits stretched up toward the ceiling.

             Working on women or married couples can be fun. For a fee. Because my
             hard really isn’t totally perversatile. Women tend to be more dramatically
             masochistic in a psychodrama situation. On one extreme, a woman will
             play the innocent virgin captured and abused. On the other, she will
             play the outraged bitch who when she gets loose, you motherfucker, will
             barbecue your cock en brochette.
                With husband-and-wife scenes, after she has called Palo Alto to
             double-check with the babysitter, the couple can be strung up opposite
             each other for who-loves-who-more games: “Who gets the next ten lashes?
             Who gets the dildo? Where?” Or spouses can be worked on one at a time.
             The most frequent scene is to tie, say, the wife into a chair and make her
             witness the abuse of her husband. Many women get hot and enraged at
             their old man’s getting tied, degraded, and fucked. They yell and scream
             and attack his manhood as cock goes up his ass or down his throat.
                She cums. He cums. I cum.
                Later, all shrunk out, they kiss and hug and carry on like they’ve
             spent a week at Esalen. [The Esalen Institute founded south of San Fran-
             cisco, 1962, is a human potential “sensitivity” movement based on Aldous
             Huxley whose gonzo-journalism book of mescaline-enlightenment, The
             Doors of Perception (1963), inspired Jim Morrison to name his group “The
             Doors” and gay men by the millions to drop acid. In 1970s San Fran-
             cisco, gay men, particularly leathermen, considered Esalen a joke for its

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