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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                397
                •   At the beginning of Drummer before Aristide’s debut in
                    Drummer  8,  each  astrology  page  in  Drummer  issues  2
                    through 3 consisted of a text-free illustration by the artist
                    Bud who had drawn the cover of Drummer 1 in which there
                    was no astrology page.
                •   In Drummer 4 and 5, the drawing by Bud was accompanied
                    by quoted text from The Gay Book of Astrology by Jay Perry.
                •   With Drummer 6, the astrology page was renamed “It’s All
                    in the Stars” with a byline by “Ken” and with an illustration
                    by the artist “KT.”
                •   In Drummer 7, Bud returned to illustrate the second and
                    last appearance of “It’s All in the Stars.”
                •   In  Drummer  8,  the  column  “Astrologic”  first  appeared
                    minus a byline for Aristide.

                Keeping with the humor of Aristide who was wrongfully fired after
             my December 31, 1979, exit from Drummer, I mixed satire for my seven
             “Astrologic” columns out of my experience with leather and with the
             occult. By chance, I had both academic and street credentials. In 1968,
             I had begun researching gay magic, astrology, leather wicca, and S&M
             rituals on Folsom Street for my book Popular Witchcraft: Straight from the
             Witch’s Mouth (1972, 2005). Investigating the psyche of pre-Stonewall
             leather, I had also worked up the texts of leather author William Carney
             who pioneered his “S&M Way” as spiritual ritual in his epistolary novel
             The Real Thing (1968).
                Popular Witchcraft featured the first American interview with the gay
             witch Frederick de Arechaga, and, according to Fate Magazine, a pitch-
             perfect interview with the straight Satanist Anton LaVey. The pagan de
             Arechaga was the founding Pontifex Maximus of the Sabaean Religion
             in Chicago. LaVey was the legendary founder of the Church of Satan in
             San Francisco.
                While LaVey and I bonded as subject and journalist in his gorgeous
             diabolically decorated Black House at 6114 California Street, Frederick de
             Arechaga’s El Sabarum sanctuary was a wondrous and campy Babylonian
             temple as imagined by the art department at MGM. Aristide would have
             loved it. Of course, de Arechaga and I smoked grass. Of course, we had
             sex. Of course, the doves in his cages cooed. It was the 60s.
                Aristide played his part in the Drummer salon and on the Drummer
                As editor in chief, I tried to maintain the “Astrologic” column which
             Aristide had written intermittently for Drummer from 1976 until he was
             fired in 1980 through the machinations of sometime  Drummer  free-

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