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400                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
                   Since I am presently suffering the debilitating effects of what
               is commonly known as “chemo brain,” my memory for details
               is a bit sketchy, but, it seems like when the 3 of us [Aristide,
               Bob McWilliams, Rowberry] were together there was noticeable
               tension. I don’t know if it was the fact that Bob had one of the
               civilized world’s largest uncircumcised cocks (pix available upon
               request) and Rowberry wanted sole possession of it, or the fact
               that John [Rowberry] & I just disliked each other because, given
               our clash of personalities — I had one; he didn’t, it was doomed
               from the start. Finally, Rowberry & his lover (I forget his name
               [Charles Musgrave] — I wish I could forget Rowberry’s) moved
               to SF and I had Herr gross und unbeschniten [Mr. Big and
               Uncircumcised] Bob [McWilliams] all to myself . . . .
                   Naturally, when personality-challenged Rowberry wound
               up at Drummer [as assignments editor, following Fritscher, in
               1980], it was his great opportunity to exert his final act of domi-
               nance over me by canceling my [“Astrologic”] column (regard-
               less of the excuse in his letter to me). Well, this was actually a
               total relief to me because I had long since burned out on having
               to be creative when I was long burned out on doing it. After all,
               I AM a fickle kween. For some reason, Embry was always on my
               ass to do it every month and, like with everything else in my life,
               I would eventually say “ohhhh, alllllright” and send one in. If
               you look at the last dozen or so you can easily see that my heart
               was not in them. ©2007 Aristide Laurent

               In 1980, Rowberry’s unprofessional response to this sex triangle at
            Drummer proved he had no clue regarding the gentlemanly code in our
            1970s Drummer salon where everyone was sleeping with everyone but
               Rowberry’s co-dependent in destroying the salon around Drummer
            was publisher Embry who in the 1970s failed to make timely payments to
            such talent as Aristide, Fred Halsted, and other LA contributors including
            book and movie reviewer Ed Franklin aka Ed Menerth aka Scott Masters.
            When the talent ran screaming for the exits, the sucking vacuum neces-
            sitated that I not only had to write material such as “Astrologic” to fill
            Drummer, but I also had to find new contributors.
               Historians might note that from “day one” Drummer suffered even as
            its founders fought over control which defaulted to Embry. In “Astrologic”
            in Drummer 17, Aristide took a shot at the 1975 fight that destroyed the
            other Drummer founders’ magazine NewsWest much to Embry’s glee. In
            addition, when the LAPD busted the Drummer “Slave Auction” in 1976,

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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