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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 411
                (When Sex Meets Art: In a taxi leaving the New York Eagle or, maybe,
             the Spike at 3 AM in 1973, my new best friend who was taking me back to
             ball at his apartment introduced himself as “John Boundy, the U. S. man-
             ager of bookings for the National Film Board of Canada,” and I intro-
             duced myself as the professor-director who needed to fill my museum and
             campus film programs.)
                In the zero degrees of separation in gay culture, Fred Halsted starred
             in El Paso Wrecking Corp., and he was also a regular Drummer columnist
             published in this same Drummer 19, page 24. This was my first credited
             issue as editor in chief, and I believed everything was possible. I wanted
             to mix all these great guys and these great talents together in the salon
             around Drummer. In my brief paragraph accompanying the nine El Paso
             Wrecking Corp. photographs, I promised to interview the Gage Brothers
             for an upcoming Drummer. In the zero degrees, that opportunity never
             rose so that we could converge.
                Nevertheless, Wakefield Poole made certain that Mark Hemry and
             I connected with Georgina Spelvin who was the star of Poole’s The Bible
             (1974), of the Gages’ El Paso Wrecking Corp., and of the blockbuster porn
             hit by Gerard Damiano, The Devil in Miss Jones (1973). (I featured one
             of Wakefield Poole’s Fellini-like color production stills from The Bible on
             the cover of Drummer 27, February 1979.) Fresh from exiting Drummer as
             editor in chief, in 1980, and with Mark Hemry carrying the cameras and
             the single red rose that warmed her heart, I interviewed the very bright
             and funny Georgina Spelvin on a bed in a pretty Sausalito motel for my
             feature article “The Devil in Ms. Spelvin” published in Hooker magazine
             (May 1981).
                Having withdrawn from the warfare inside Drummer, and bruised
             by publisher Embry’s cancerous Blacklist of disgruntled contributors, I
             kept my writing moving forward — not in Drummer, but in the “Vir-
             tual Drummer” of other 1980s magazines Honcho, Man2Man, Califor-
             nia Action Guide, In Touch, Uncut, Just Men, The Target Album, Dan
             Lurie’s Muscle Training Illustrated, Skin, and Bear, as well as in the straight
             Hooker, Expose, and California Pleasure Guide which published my fiction
             and features that could have been in the Drummerstream.

                             Editor’s Final Note and Film List
                Scripts such as the following were frequently published in Drummer:
                George Birimisa’s Pogey Bait serialized in Drummer 12 (January 1977)
                and Drummer 13 (March 1977); Jack Fritscher’s Corporal in Charge
                of Taking Care of Captain O’Malley serialized in Drummer 22 (May
                1978) and Drummer 23 (July 1978); Jack Fritscher and Old Reliable
                David Hurles’ one-man show Ex-Cons: We Abuse Fags, serialized in
                Drummer 24 (September 1978) and Drummer 25 (December 1978).

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