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412                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               Fritscher recalled, “In 1980, I co-wrote the script with filmmaker J.
               Brian for his vanilla porn film J. Brian’s Flashbacks. Having fallen out
               with Drummer publisher Embry who had started his Mach magazine
               to steal thunder from his competitor Honcho magazine, I couldn’t resist
               selling my novelization of the J. Brian film to Honcho where the six
               chapters were serialized as twin bills in three issues.” Perhaps one future
               day a new young Kenneth Anger will come along and shoot several
               reels of film based on scripts published in Drummer.

            II. The feature essay as published in Drummer 19, December 1977

            Drummer Previews the Flicks
            Richard Locke packs meat for Gage Brothers . . .

                      El Paso Wrecking Corp.

            Drummer presents an exclusive peek into what promises to be another hot,
            new film from director Joe Gage and producer Sam Gage, the brothers
            who excited us all last year with their Kansas City Trucking Co. KCTC was
            made with a professionalism generally lacking in gay male porn. We don’t
            know yet the story line. But we do know the stars include: Fred Halsted;
            Richard Locke; and our Drummer 19 cover man Steve King [sic], with
            Jeanne Marie Marchand, Stan Braddock, Mike Morris, Jared Benson,
            and a hot new discovery Guillermo Riccardo. Drummer will feature an
            interview with the Gage Brothers and their dedication to the upgrading
            of male films in an upcoming issue.

            III. Eyewitness
            New York artist Dom-
            ino, profiled in  Drum-
            mer 29 by Fritscher and
            Shapiro, idealized San
            Francisco erotic celeb-
            rity Richard Locke,
            star of  El Paso Wreck-
            ing Corp. The cover of
            Drummer 19 was a still                                 of
            actor Mike Morris from
            the same Gage Broth-
            ers film. Drawing by
            Domino.  ©Domino.
            Used  with  permission.
            In 1988, Jack Fritscher directed and photographed the feature film, The Domino Video
            Gallery, produced and edited for Palm Drive Video by Mark Hemry.
          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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