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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 413

                       Steve Reeves’ Screen Test

                 Written September 22-24, 1977, by Jack Fritscher with
                 additional line-item material by Al Shapiro (A. Jay) and
                 John Embry (Robert Payne), this feature essay was pub-
                 lished in Drummer 19, December 1977.
                 I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction
                    written December 11, 2000
                 II.  The feature essay as published in Drummer 19,
                    December 1977
                 III.  Eyewitness Illustrations

             I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction written
                December 11, 2000

                             Gladiator Muscles and Beard:
                       Constructing the Subtext “Look” of Drummer

                               Steve Reeves (1926-2000)
                         Drummer Publisher John Embry (b. 1926)

             In the “School of Camp,” publisher John Embry seemed a graduate stu-
             dent who had studied and taken his orals in the best cocktail bars in LA
             during the 1950s.
                He knew how to cut to the chaise longue.
                He never saw a photo layout that did not need cartoon balloons. In
             fact, because he was such a fan of the camp cartoon strips, such as Harry
             Chess, in the 1960s Queen’s Quarterly (QQ), he hired the author of that
             strip, A. Jay (Al Shapiro) to be the founding San Francisco art director of
             Drummer. In the Great Gay Migration, we were all three sex-immigrants
             to San Francisco: Shapiro (in 1974) whom I knew from Manhattan;
             Embry (in 1975) whom I had just met from Los Angeles; and myself,
             visiting as often as possible since August 1961, and arriving officially in
             May 1970.
                We were the three-way that transformed LA Drummer into San Fran-
             cisco Drummer.

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