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420                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            “Are you positive this is how Nureyev auditioned for Valentino?”

            “Steve stretches between two horses’ asses. Co-starring as the gelding
            on the left is Richard Pryor. The mare on the right is Rep. John Briggs.”

            “I told you to fuck off. I’m looking for Mr. Goodbar.”

            “When something’s over, whatever happened to shaking hands and saying

            “Steve [swinging a huge chain above his head] warms up for one of singer
            Anita Bryant’s greatest hits . . . ”

            III. Eyewitness Illustrations
            Steve  Reeves,  Mr.  Pacific  Coast
            (1946), Mr. Western America (1947),
            Mr. America AAU (1947), Mr. World
            (1948),  Mr.  Universe  (1950).  Steve
            Reeves,  raised in  San  Francisco, set
            the 1940s-1950s standard for heroic
            American manhood. Tim Curry as
            Dr. Frank-N-Furter opens The Rocky
            Horror Picture Show singing, “We
            could take in an old Steve Reeves
            movie.” He was born in 1926, the
            same year as Drummer founding pub-
            lisher John Embry. Pub li city photo.
               Steve Reeves’s gladiator movies
            inspired Steven Saylor (Aaron Travis),
            author of Slaves of the Empire and his
            ongoing series Roma Sub Rosa. Hav-
            ing been an early AIDS-Era 1980s
            fiction editor at  Drummer  under
            publisher John Embry, Saylor wrote
            a line consonant with editor in chief
            Jack Fritscher’s Titanic 1970s experi-
            ence. Working at Drummer was “mind-boggling and mind-numbing—we were underpaid,
            disrespected and overstimulated on a daily basis....”—Steam, Vol. 2 #1 (1994).
               Reeves represented the epitome of virile nobility and homomasculinity to teenage
            boys in the 1950s who grew up to be subscribers to Drummer magazine in the 1970s where
            they wanted to see variations on the kind of masculinity that was their spring awakening.
            Reeves’ beard, quoted on various faces of 1960s Colt models such as Ledermeister, greatly
            influenced the beards, moustaches, and sideburns that graced gay faces in the 1970s, and
            led to the glorification of male secondary sex characteristics (facial and body hair, muscu-
            lature, deep voice) within the bear movement organized by Richard Bulger in the 1980s.

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