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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                421

                    “Why should you be on the cover
                    of Some Dance to Remember?”

                                           Top: Publicity photo. In  Hercules
                                           Unchained (1960), Steve Reeves wrestled
                                           with longtime international sensation,
                                           world-heavyweight boxing champion
                                           Primo Carnera, the Italian athlete
                                           sculpted in the 1930s into an heroic statue
                                           for Mussolini’s Foro Italico stadium in
                                           Rome. As thematic warning against the
                                           tyranny of “body fascism” in gay culture,
                                           Fritscher insured that a photograph of the
                                           Fascist statue of Carnera by New York
                                           photographer  George  Mott  appeared
                                           on the cover of the first edition of Some
                                           Dance to Remember: A Memoir-Novel of
                                           San Francisco 1970-1982. On page 195 of
             the 2005 edition, the oracular Solly Blue says: “Gays and Fascists. Both consider themselves
             the ultimate elite. Don’t forget that.” Bottom: Publicity photo of Steve Reeves published as
             the cover of Physique Pictorial, Summer 1959.

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