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             published widely. Those men were humanists who were essentialists who
             knew that nudity is one specific element required by homosexual art.

                              The Leather Mural Movement:
                              Gay Bars as Gay Art Galleries
                    Dom Orejudos aka Etienne aka Stephen helped invent the
                “Leather Mural Movement” (1962-1979) that re-conceived “gay
                bars as the first gay art galleries.” That titanic concept inspired
                the founding of the first gay gallery businesses such as Fey-Way
                in San Francisco, Eons in LA, and Stompers in Greenwich Village.
                    If there is a gay Mount Rushmore of four great pioneer pop
                artists, the faces would be Chuck Arnett, Etienne, A. Jay, and Tom
                of Finland. If there could be a fifth face, I would nominate Skip-
                per aka Glenn Davis. When I was editor in chief, all of them were
                associates in the salon around Drummer.
                •   In 1962, Chuck Arnett painted the cement wall inside his
                    San Francisco bar, the Tool Box, with the legendary Lascaux
                    mural that shocked the world in the pages of Life magazine,
                    June 26, 1964, five years, almost to the day, before Stone-
                    wall, June 27, 1969.
                •   In 1972, Etienne painted his mural-posters for the Gold
                    Coast. (Uncredited murals adorned the Mineshaft.)
                •   In 1974, Tom of Finland painted the murals for the wall of
                    Tom’s Saloon in Hamburg.
                •   In June 1977, A. Jay aka Al Shapiro, the founding San Fran-
                    cisco art director of Drummer, painted the murals for the new
                    Leatherneck bar in San Francisco.
                •   In 1979, Skipper whose work first appeared in Drummer 15
                    painted the Sanctuary bath panels later installed at Dick
                    Saunders’ Probe disco in LA, and those installations can be
                    seen in the background of the scenes in the Richard Gere
                    film American Gigolo (1980) shot on location at Probe.

                          Dick Saunders, Frontier Bulletin Gazette,
                                   and Probe Disco

                    Dick Saunders was the founding publisher and pioneering
                editor of the Frontier Bulletin Gazette which he started up in Los
                Angeles in January 1965 as a homomasculine newsletter for his
                cowboy-western themed Frontier Club. Very pre-Stonewall, and
                pre-dating The Advocate by two years and Drummer by ten years,
                Frontier Bulletin Gazette made the well-built model, Dick Saun-

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