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450                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               Time Capsule Sidebar: A daytime and deserted view of the street
            and the warehouse loading docks was used as a location in the Robert
              Mulligan film Love with the Proper Stranger (1963), which featured Nata-
            lie Wood and the leathery biker Steve McQueen in a very long scene shot
            virtually on the doorstep of what would later become the Mineshaft.

               Wally Wallace’s Letter of Invitation to the Opening of the Mine-
               shaft (Presented as Written, without Editing, from the Jack Frit-
               scher and Mark Hemry Personal Archive Collection)
               October 2, 1976


                   On Friday October 7th [hand-corrected by Wally to 8 ] at 9
               pm I will begin managing a new club in THE MINE SHAFT [two
               words at this point quickly changes to Mineshaft] at 836 Washing-
               ton Street by Little West 12  Street. You may have visited it under
               its present name or as the old Zodiac years ago. In any event you
               will find it different in terms of decor and concept.
                   We have taken away the lovely wall-to-ceiling silver foil Reyn-
               olds Wrap decor and made the main bar area [up the stairs from
               the street and built on the second floor] into a comfortable West-
               ern style club complete with new murals and a pool table.
                   From this room you go through a set of swinging doors into
               a tunnel leading into a cave style bar area with smaller caves
               for exploring off to the sides. A perfect setting for underground
               graphic viewing. In the middle of the room is the Mine Shaft [a
               door in the floor of the second floor that pulls up to reveal rug-
               ged lumber stairs] leading down to a lower level [the first floor
               or ground floor or street floor] for shafting sports. It is indeed
                   Conceptually the club  activities will be different as they
               revolve  around  special  interest  groups  during the  early  hours
               starting at 9 pm. On Tuesdays we have the Wrestling guys and
               on Sundays the P.G.T. Club. [The meaning of “P.G.T. Club” seems
               lost to history, but it was probably was a code for piss or grunge
               activities.] For them we have installed a new shower.
                   There will also be a SCHOOL FOR LOWER EDUCATION [run by
               GMSMA, Gay Men’s S&M Association, with an occasional show-
               and-tell by Chicagoan, Tony DeBlase] beginning in early October
               with limited size classes in subjects  relating to improving one’s
               sexual techniques. I can not for obvious reasons describe this
               further in print.

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