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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 451
                    We will also have special events such as a BLACK AND BLUE
                PARTY for our members. Setting the tone for this and the place
                itself there is a dress code of levi, leather, uniforms, and similar
                casual attire required at all times. No fluff allowed!
                    So, come on down and see what we have going on. The sooner
                the better as the number of memberships will be limited. During
                the month of October we will be open to you and your friends
                between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am Weds through Sunday. But
                for a sneak preview come Friday October 7  [sic] at 9 pm.
                    Try it! I know you’ll like THE MINE SHAFT!

                On that opening night, October 8, 1976, Wally Wallace, a protector
             of male space in Manhattan as was Steve McEachern at the Catacombs
             in San Francisco, was intent on keeping intact a sanctuary for masculine
             men. Wally Wallace wrote in his homomasculine Mineshaft Manifesto
             about sex, identity, performance art, politics, and civil war over gender:

                             A UNIQUE MEMBERSHIP

                The MINESHAFT is basically a unique playground conceived
                by and dedicated to the fun-loving raunchy gay male minority
                who exist in the underworld of gay society. It is truly a place
                where many a gay man would never come because it is surely
                not a place for everyone.
                    The facilities include three bars, a roof, several playrooms,
                a [bath] tub room, and various pieces of equipment [slings,
                bondage equipment] located in a half block long building at
                835 Washington Street in the middle of the New York Meat
                Market. It is all to be used and shared to enhance your wildest
                sexual fantasy and more!
                    As a social club, the MINESHAFT provides the opportu-
                nity for guys to meet and to play with men of a like persuasion,
                or with men so rare and so different that they inspire new ways
                to play, or might even change their entire life. This is mentioned
                as many couples have first met and found new type lives through
                the club. Yes, we are ever changing and the changes are due to
                the various men from all over the world who meet and play here
                in international play.

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