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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 453
                Wally Wallace: That’s how I met Camille O’Grady who became
                  our sort of token female member of the Mineshaft, but she
                  could only go to the bar area and she couldn’t bring any of
                  her women friends, which she didn’t. She pretty well stuck to
                  those rules. I know that sometimes when I wasn’t there, she
                  would end up in the back rooms, but I wasn’t supposed to
                  know. I’m sure she got involved in some pretty hot scenes. . . .
                Jack Fritscher: Camille was very involved with your entertain-
                  ment events.
                Wally Wallace: We had S&M demonstrations like bondage and
                  body painting. I remember she was involved in one contest.
                  She was a talented artist.
                Jack Fritscher: She exhibited her drawings at Fey-Way Gallery
                  in San Francisco.
                Wally Wallace: Where she was almost shot to death.
                Camille O’Grady was rivals at CBGB with punk diva Patti Smith
             who was coupled with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe the way
             Camille O’Grady was coupled with Drummer writer and photographer
             Robert Opel who streaked the 1974 Academy Awards, and was murdered
             in his San Francisco gallery, Fey-Way, on July 8, 1979. The gunman mer-
             cifully did not shoot Camille O’Grady who was forced to lie on the gallery
             floor during the robbery and murder. (For dramatized details, see Some
             Dance to Remember: A Memoir-Novel of San Francisco 1970-1982, Reel
             3, Scene 1 and Scene 8; for documentary details, confer Mapplethorpe:
             Assault with a Deadly Camera, “Take 11: Robert Opelthorpe: Streaking
             the Academy Awards.”) The first Mineshaft flyer for Christmas 1976
             advertised: “Upcoming special events include the opening of our new tun-
             nel playroom, a ‘Criscomas Party,’ and a repeat performance by Camille
             O’Grady.” Wally Wallace also invited Camille to sing her piss song “Toilet
             Kiss” at the Mineshaft 1978 anniversary party. Patti Smith’s own first
             single was “Piss Factory” — but it was not literal as was Camille’s.

                Jack Fritscher: When did you notice that the Mineshaft was
                  getting to be a lot kinkier than you first planned?
                Wally Wallace: In the beginning, I thought it would be just a
                  basic fuck and suck in the back room. Well, it was fairly early
                  on that we put up slings.
                Jack Fritscher: That signaled something new.
                Wally Wallace: I remembered seeing a place in San Francisco, a
                  place called the Barracks.

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