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454                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               Jack Fritscher: The kinkiest place in San Francisco next to the
               Wally Wallace: It had a bathtub, where somebody was in the
                 bathtub, fully clothed, getting soaked with piss, surrounded
                 by a big crowd pushing in to piss on him, which I thought
                 was kind of hot.
               Jack Fritscher: So you put a bathtub on the ground-level floor
                 of the Mineshaft.
               Wally Wallace: That bathtub became famous. I didn’t realize
                 how many people were into bathtubs.
               Jack Fritscher: Into piss.
               Wally Wallace: I’m sorry I didn’t keep a nightly diary. We had a
                 group, the FFA [Fist Fuckers of America]. In the bar business,
                 except maybe in Las Vegas, there are so many dead times dur-
                 ing the week. When the Mineshaft opened there were maybe
                 thirteen leather clubs in the city. Several of them fisting clubs.
                 So we tried to attract them in on the slow nights. . . .The FFA
                 was a very heavy drug scene as I realized when their orgies
                 went on for days. . . .
               Jack Fritscher: You knew Leather Rick who shot outrageous,
                 extreme S&M videos at the Mineshaft featuring the club guys
                 from the “Skulls of Akron.” The action is astounding as in
                 Fisting Ballet, but the videos also show a lot of the interior set
                 of the Mineshaft rooms.
               Wally Wallace: I became good friends with Leather Rick. . . .and
                 it was on a New Year’s Eve, I think, he nailed somebody’s cock
                 down on the back bar. The guy climbed up and sat on the
                 bar. . . .In the Mineshaft for the first four years, I would not
                 allow photos. Although I let George Dudley shoot a poster for
                 our tub room and one of our American flag display that had
                 Christmas lights behind the flag.
               Jack Fritscher: It is really unfortunate that so much of the 1970s
                 went unphotographed because it took nearly the whole decade
                 for everyone to catch on after Stonewall that it was okay to
                 be in a gay snapshot. Even in the early 1970s, a camera could
                 empty a gay bar. By 1977, everyone was ready for his close-up.
                 I’m glad that you let Robert Mapplethorpe in to shoot.
               Wally Wallace: Yes. . .he shot one of the Mineshaft Man contests.
                 It was David O’Brien that year, about 1979–1980. Somebody
                 thought Bob could take pictures of the event. But that wasn’t
                 his thing.

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