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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 471
                Dear Wally,

                    Thanks for a very pleasant afternoon. You made the inter-
                view much more fun than interviews often are. Actually, it was
                nice just to be able to sit and talk with you. Next time you’re
                out [to San Francisco], we must visit again, without both of us
                having to work at the same time.
                    Enclosed is a copy of Palm Drive Video’s Greatest Hits which
                you might find amusing. Sort of short clips from a wide variety
                of our offbeat videos.
                    Especially enclosed is a copy of Some Dance to Remember,
                my new novel, which we spoke about. Hope you enjoy it. Reader
                response has been excellent as have the reviews that have come in
                so far [in the two months since the book’s publication].
                    Your photos which you left with me are safe, and I’ll be
                giving them to Drummer as soon as I finish [transcribing] the
                interview, which should be sometime in May.
                    Again, thanks for your time. I’ll be sending you a draft of
                the interview before it’s published in Drummer so you can check
                it to make sure I haven’t misrepresented you in any way. It’s very
                important to me to keep things clear among people, particularly
                in the gay business of publishing.

                Best regards,
                Jack Fritscher

                cc. Anthony DeBlase, Drummer publisher
                Joseph Bean, Drummer editor

                On the same April 10, 1990, I wrote to Drummer editor, Joseph Bean:

                Dear Joseph,

                    . . .The Mineshaft interview took 12 hours, 2 meals, but
                it was worth it. Interview should be to you mid-to-late May.
                Also took pix of Wally, so that bottom of 1  page might have 3
                  horizontal pix ala Playboy. However, you use them, they’re the
                only current pix of WW around. . . .
                Jack Fritscher

                cc. A. DeBlase

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