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             esteem magazine, and he was trying to unload it on anyone (including
             me) who would buy it.
                Primarily, he wanted my personal historical research about Chicago
             leather culture and Folsom Street life, as well as my Wallace-Mineshaft
             videotape to build up his LA&M history archives where he was worthily
             engaged in building a Leather History Timeline. (He once thanked me
             and admitted he mined my archeological information in my Drummer
             writing, particularly my “Rear-View Mirror” columns, in order to build
             parts of that vast timeline. I also helped him construct his later issues of
                No one has yet noted the important role that Drummer once perforce
             played in adding its DNA to the GLBT genome at the LA&M.
                In the zero degrees of separation, the morbidly ailing DeBlase chose
             former Drummer editor Joseph Bean, who moved his expertise from San
             Francisco to Chicago, to become executive director of the LA&M in July
             1997. Anthony DeBlase died in Oregon on July 21, 2000.
                Wally Wallace’s letter is presented with his punctuation, spelling,
             and feeling intact:

                April 6, 1992

                Dear Mr DeBlase,

                    Two and a half years ago I was asked by you if I would be
                willing to be interviewed for a feature article in DRUMMER
                on my experiences as manager of The Mineshaft. I believe that
                it was part of a series of articles on Seventies Sleaze spots. It was
                shortly after the earthquake and I believe that the intent was
                to revitalize your membership [subscription lists]. Although I
                agreed to what appeared to be an urgent request it was another
                four or five months later before I was directly contacted by Jack
                Fritscher who was assigned to write the article. [I contacted
                Wally Wallace quickly after DeBlase had waited months to give
                me the assignment.]
                    Jack suggested we set a time for him to call me and we
                would do it over the telephone. I felt that if it was to be the
                important feature that a person-to-person phone conversation
                would be inappropriate as I have had a couple of bad experi-
                ences in being misquoted and generally am uncomfortable in
                extended telephone conversations.
                    After making one personal schedule change, arranging for a
                Friend to stay with and an inexpensive flight, I went out to San

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