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474                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               Francisco to meet with Jack. I had cash flow problems, which
               I still do, but thought the story well worth making the trip. I
               PENSATION FROM DRUMMER. [Nor did I who received
               none for this project.] That is, other than a fair shake, or should
               I say a rather timely publication of the article resulting from my
               face-to-face interview with someone whom I both knew and still
               respect. Naturally, as you are the one who initially approached I
               thought that you would also be involved with the end product.
                   In any event I thought I was doing someone whom I
               respected a favor. I also looked forward with sharing my experi-
               ence in a leisurely manner in an unpressured atmosphere away
               from New York. With Jack this worked very well as we talked
               for hours on the balcony of a friend overlooking San Francisco.
               The early spring March day was perfect and as we talked he
               videotaped every word. I think that I was candid and we covered
               many, many subjects. I was excited because I finally opened up a
               lot of thoughts that I had had to contain within me to that day.
               And most important, I was certain that the resulting feature by
               Jack would be both a pleasure for your readers, who had either
               visited the Mineshaft or had heard tales about it.
                   So, where is it? Where is a copy of the video of that experi-
               ence that I thought I would show my other half? [He presumed I
               would release a copy of that original video footage. I never prom-
               ised that. What I promised was to send him a transcript of the
               interview. As a journalist, I would never release into the wild my
               private notations on paper or on tape. I also think he presumed
               that my video was some kind of production by my company,
               Palm Drive Video. In truth, I set up my camera on a tripod in a
               full-on medium close-up of Wally Wallace, in the same way that
               I interviewed Robb of Amsterdam and others. It was electronic
               note-taking. As I wrote his words on my yellow legal pad, I let
               my camera — with its wonderful microphone — run untouched
               as a way to record his words more precisely than a small audio-
               tape recorder. He knew that the video was for archival use.]
               Where are my personal pictures that I left in your or Jack’s care.
               [I had handed them to DeBlase so that he could begin photostat-
               ing them for the page-layout design of the interview. Ultimately,
               I went to DeBlase and asked for the photos which he held for
               another six months. Immediately, on October 20, 1992, I mailed
               them to Wally Wallace, and the letter that accompanied them
               follows this letter.]

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