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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 475
                    Jack was kind enough to send me a short and wonderful
                note shortly after, but that is the last semi-official written notice
                that I have ever had regarding my efforts to give you the DRUM-
                MER story that you wanted.
                    . . . .I also want immediate return of all my photographs and
                other materials that I supplied for this thankless endeavor. . . .In
                truth I am glad that I did participate in that experience for like
                many of life experiences it served as a lesson in the art of wasting
                time which seems to be just what most of my endeavors on the
                behalf of the DRUMMER image have been.
                    [Wally Wallace then shifts to Drummer and his discontent
                with DeBlase’s lack of help in staging the Mister Northeast
                Drummer Contests.] . . .Behind the scenes, cooperation on the
                part of DRUMMER this year was to say the least, minimal.
                Each year our expenses are raised through the program ad
                inserts with the ticket proceeds going to the cause [AIDS]. . . .
                Shortly after we mailed our letter solicitating ads we received a
                call from someone in your organization wanting a quotation on
                the subscription prices in last year’s ad as they couldn’t locate the
                copy we had sent with our letter. It turned out that the prices
                were still in effect, but the post office box number was wrong.
                So, the caller said he would send another tearsheet or mechanical
                which he did. To it our layout man added the expression “Keep
                on Drummin’” in the space between the cover photos and the
                order form. Then in a blank space on another page we devoted
                a 3/4 page to a free promo for the San Francisco main event [the
                annual international Mr. Drummer contest].
                    Then later a few days. . .I called John Ferrari [at Drummer]
                about the payment for the ad. He said he’d look into it, but as
                you were having cash flow problems he doubted that you wanted
                an ad. After two days I called again only to find that he was in
                Atlanta and you were away. I left messages at two Atlanta loca-
                tions for Ferrari, but he never called. But, we went to press with
                the belief that you would come through. I sure made a mistake.
                    The  army  taught  me never  to  assume anything.  I guess
                that I forgot that when I mistakenly thought that DRUMMER
                magazine would repeat their support, in a DRUMMER Contest
                program, for an AIDS. . .fund raiser.
                    . . .The shock of your “cash flow” decision was not only dif-
                ficult to explain to our beneficiary organization, but lost us two
                vital committee members on the eve of the contest who basically
                indicated upon exiting that. . .they have had it up to here with

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