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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                   v
             from the pages of Drummer  . . . Fritscher empowers the Truth of those
             times by enabling history to tell itself.”
                •  Richard Labonté, critic and founder, A Different Light Book-
             stores, “Fritscher’s  Gay San Francisco
             account reads true to me . . . rewarding . . . I relish his . . . story being told.”
                •  Harold Cox, publisher, Checkmate Magazine: “There were two
             great  Drummer  editors: Jeanne Barney and Jack Fritscher . . . Gay San
             Francisco is an essential acquisition for every GLBT collection.”
                •  Chuck Renslow, founder, Chicago Leather Archives & Museum
             and International Mr Leather (IML): “Drummer was a map of leather cul-
             ture; Fritscher and his book are unabashed and uninhibited tour guides.”
                •  Justin Spring, author,  Samuel Steward:  A Biography: “Frit-
             scher has basically done all the research work that most academics won’t
             do — thus ensuring that historians, critics, and anthropologists will cut
             and paste with delight in the years to come.”
                •  Larry Townsend, author,  The Leatherman’s Handbook and
             Drummer columnist: “Fritscher is the master of gay writing. He made
             1977-1980 the Golden Age of Drummer, formulating entire issues, and
             then contributing writing and photography for 17 years through three
                • “Fritscher’s Drummer in its early issues back
             in the late 1970s, was a terrific contribution to the erotic literature of gay
                •  Steven Saylor (Aaron Travis), author, Slaves of the Empire, fiction
             editor of Drummer, reviewing Fritscher’s collected Drummer writing:
             “There’s enough ghettoized angst to keep the Manhattan literati wired
             for months . . . ”
                •  David Stein,  founder,  GMSMA:  “Fritscher,  one of the  great
             Drummer editors, seems to have been everywhere and done everyone dur-
             ing the ‘good old days’ of leather culture . . .   Fritscher is the editor most
             responsible for making Drummer what it became. His aim was to reflect
             changes in gay culture even as they were occurring.”
                •  Niall Richardson, lecturer, Film and Media Studies, University
             of Sussex, UK, author, The Queer Cinema of Derek Jarman: “ . . . a
             fascinating insight into gay culture of the 1970s. Containing a wealth of
             original writing from one of the most important gay magazines, Gay San
             Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer chronicles an exciting era in gay history
             which saw the formation of leather culture and the active de-sissyfication
             of gay culture: factors which have shaped contemporary gay identification.
             Varied and compelling . . . . a genuine enthusiasm for gay popular culture.”
                •  Mira Schwirtz, San Francisco Review of Books: “Fritscher is not
             shy . . . . He plants himself squarely at the book’s center . . . as star witness,

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