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488                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.

             Front: Protest Poster V. Cruising

            This page and opposite. Top: “Protest Poster V. Cruising,” William Friedkin, the director
            of the acid-tongued The Boys in the Band, shot the controversial film Cruising in streets and
            locations round the Mineshaft in 1979. “Correct” multi-grain vanilla gays, not particularly
            fond of meat-wearing leather gays, and not understanding the subculture of leather gays’
            secret society, protested that Cruising would be bad publicity for the emerging gay identity
            because straights would think that all gays acted like the characters in Cruising, as opposed
            to straights thinking that all gays acted like The Boys in the Band or Quentin Crisp in The
            Naked Civil Servant. Worth the price of admission in Cruising is Friedkin’s brilliantly
            shocking scene in which a muscular booted black cop, naked but for a white jockstrap and
            a cowboy hat, barges suddenly into an NYPD interrogation room and slaps leather cop
            Al Pacino across the face. Every diverse behavior in the Mineshaft, and every promise of
            lustful aggression, and every subliminal desire crying out in the Mineshaft, was summed
            up in the erotic interracial code of that slap.
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