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490                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.

            Crisco was the lube of choice at every gay bath in the world. Free cans of Crisco hung on
            chains next to the slings at the Mineshaft in New York, and Crisco was sold for 25 cents
            in three-ounce white paper cups at the Slot Hotel in San Francisco. At the Safeway on
            Market Street near Castro in San Francisco, late on a Saturday night there was always some
            optimistic leatherman pushing a grocery cart empty but for a can of Crisco and a six-pack.
            Having written that gays exist to inject irony into the lives of straight people, Jack Fritscher,
            as if by providence, found this camp treasure of a book, The Story of Crisco (1913), in 1974.

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