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496                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            II.  The feature essay as published in Drummer 19, December 1977


            OWN A PIECE OF THE ROCK. Give that special artist or photographer
            (who has everything but inspiration) a shot at Tom. Versatile modeling.

            TUFFY’S SPORT SHOP can get your rear in gear for sports you once
            thought you’d never play. Athletic uniforms, shoes, equipment, and uni-
            versity insignia clothes are Tuffy’s specialty. In addition, Tuffy sponsors
            the USA Athletic Club whose 500 professional, collegiate, and just-plain-
            fun jocks get into flag football, basketball, boxing, wrestling, tennis, ski-
            ing, and racquetball. Suit up your jock with something from Tuffy’s and
            then gift him with a USA Athletic Club membership. Check it out with
            Tuffy. 597 Castro, San Francisco. (415) 621-2128.

            CUZ NOBODY DOES IT BETTER. Accu-Jac is the perfect fit for the
            man who “vants to be alone” with his Target movies, his Old Reliable
            audio tapes, his titclamps, his dildo, and his Rush [a brand of poppers].
            Accu-Jac won’t supplant human relationships; but on a rainy night in Rio
            it comes in handy. Recommended for men who want to make really hot
            love to themselves. Bionically yours from JAC MASTERS, INC. $3 gets
            you a Catalog of Adult Toys: 757 North La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles

            BOX IT ALL UP in brown leather from Hanging Tree Ranch in San
            Diego. Send $3 for color brochure for hides to highlight your hide.

            AMG Athletic Model Guild offers a set of six 8x10 drawings by Harry
            Bush for $9 and their latest issue of their magazine Physique Pictorial for

            VELCRO MAD-MONEY BANDS. Your asshole may have more depos-
            its, withdrawals, and interest than the Bank of America. So stash your
            cash inside the secret compartment of this watchband in brown or black
            leather. $7. Wristband and cockring stashes also available for the truly
            paranoid. Take in the whole trip at The Trading Post, 960 Folsom, San

            SCULPTURE by  Michael Drew. Sand color,  glazed  terra  cotta,
            11x7½. One-of-a-kind commissions for $40. Exclusively through THE

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