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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                497
               WIZARD’S  EMERALD  CITY,  1645  Market  Street,  San  Francisco.
             (415) 863-1901.

             HOT STUFF from Old Reliable is hot, reliable, and authentic. Cons,
             bikers, and punks are only a few of the tramps and trade who will burn
             your ears. Stick something nasty in your [audio] cassette [player] on a
             cold night alone. If you state you’re over 21, a buck gets you a jerkable
             brochure that comes all year long. OLD RELIABLE, PO 5927, San Fran-
             cisco 94101.

             III. Eyewitness Illustrations

              In the 1970s, the “very out” advent of gay-owned small businesses was the first sign
              of the dawn of the gay economy that was to grow into the fabled GLBT billion-dollar
              disposable income. While editor in chief of the small business known as Drummer, Jack
              Fritscher often wrote promotional copy for gay startups such as the Wizard’s Emerald
              City owned by Dick Trask, one of the stars of the handballing independent-film classic
              Erotic Hands. In the business-mind of publisher John Embry, Drummer seemed to exist
              primarily as a vehicle to sell merchandise by mail order.

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