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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                501
                   Captions: Eyewitness documentation of the existence of graphics providing
                   internal evidence supporting Jack Fritscher’s text are located in the Jack Fritscher
                   and Mark Hemry GLBT History collection. Out of respect for issues of copy-
                   right, model releases, permissions, and privacy, some graphics are not available
                   for publication at this time, but can be shown by appointment.

                        Photograph. The model “Tom,” Leonard Sylvestri, was an intimate in the
              Eyewitness  Drummer  salon  via  the popular Castro barber, Jim McPherson aka
             Illustration Thumper. See Drummer 19, page 21.

                        Photograph. “Richard  Locke  with  Bridle  Bit.”  With  his  universal  sex
              Eyewitness  appeal, Locke was a model for Hanging Tree Ranch mail order at the same
             Illustration time he appeared in Playgirl and in the Gage Brothers films. When editor
                        in chief Fritscher looked around and saw that the 1970s Drummer demo-
             graphic was approaching forty years old, he set in motion the further glamorization of
             Richard Locke to prove that a gay man could be more than twenty-one with a twenty-eight-
             inch waist. Fritscher’s concept in Drummer 24 (September 1978), “In Praise of Older Men,”
             sparked the already simmering “daddy” concept and led to the several special issues of
             Drummer titled Drummer Daddies. “Richard Locke with Bridle Bit” appeared on the cover
             of Fritscher’s special issue, Drummer Rides Again, 1979, which, after Fritscher had prepared
             it, publisher Embry re-edited subtracting most of Fritscher’s writing and photography
             because Fritscher had exited Drummer over money issues.

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