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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 517
                •   Ubu Cocu (or Ubu Cuckolded) , 8 PM Tuesdays, 15 and 22
                    February, 1983, retitled Turd Cuckolded; and
                •   Ubu Enchaine (Ubu Enchained), 8 PM, 16 and 23 February,
                    1983, retitled Turd Bound.
                The evenings were whimsically billed as

                a staged reading by the Noh Oratorio Satiety commandeered
                by Claude Duvall, with the phamous Noh Orchestre de Salon
                du Vay Say, playing pata-physical phavorites for hornstrumpot,
                importuned  by  Nick  Shryock  and  Roger  Anderson,  David
                Baker, et al.
                With his shaved head, big hooped gold earring, and wise-owl glasses,
             Claude Duvall, always in a green nylon jumpsuit, always smelling of scat-
             ological play, charged $5 for one or more performances, and when patrons
             called for reservations, he gave “frank advice” about the literal scatologi-
             cal nature of the evening’s performance for which the audience sat on
             the hardwood floor of the apartment, trying to live up to the implicit
             dare — which came from Mapplethorpe — that “if you don’t like this,
             you’re not as avant garde as you think.”
                The Ubu Cycle was one of those tiny gay triumphs, a success of art,
             particularly as, in February 1983, AIDS was still a big mystery and the
             1970s’ fascination with scatology included theatrical nights not only
             dramatically at Studio Rhino but literally at the baths. Duvall thought
             his fetish was ready-made for Drummer, but Drummer failed to respond,
             and the scatological-fisting-crystal crowd elbowed its way into the clas-
             sifieds of underground experimental ’zines like Man2Man, which, also,
             eventually, fled from the devotees of scatology, handballing, and drugs.
             When Sam Steward asked me in 1974 what was new in San Francisco’s
             sex scene, and I answered, “Scat,” he said, “That’s the end of everything.”
             The way that steroids were the most popular secret drug in the 1970s, scat
             was the most popular secret sex game that grew out of the douching for
             handballing as well as the abandon that came from handballers tweaking
             on speed. Anyone walking with their eyes wide open through the Titanic
             70s observed a scatological awareness in places as public as the baths, the
             clubs like the Mineshaft, and the Catacombs, and on “Brown Hanky
             Wednesdays” sponsored by the Scatalogical Society of America at Dan’s
             Compound at 11  and Folsom — the site of the former Leatherneck bar
             and of the Drummer Key Club. The readership demand for scatology
             in Man2Man became a request publisher Mark Hemry and I ultimately
             could not deal with. That — combined with the fact that there were no
             home computers or consumer-size word processors in 1980 and 1982, and

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