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520                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            copies per issue “printed on a silk-screen mimeo made by Gestetner of
            Yonkers, NY.”
               The mimeographed ads of The Way Out Scene and the personals
            ads of the “Leather Fraternity” in the glossy Drummer were filled with
            intimate cri de couer pleas that — today making me weep with nostal-
            gia — were, I state, “Casting Calls” written by horny men directing their
            own “sex scenes” and seeking “character actors” as tops, bottoms, studs,
            bearded men, muscle guys, sadists, slaves, hippies, huskies, and even
            “inexperienced” ingenues. (John Dagion, the creator of The Way Out
            Scene, quickly evolved that periodical into his long-running small-format
            ’zine, TRASH: True Relations and Strange Happenings. Dagion, my long-
            time acquaintance in the zero degrees of gay publishing, has continued
            publishing his stylishly under-produced TRASH for the twenty-first-cen-
            tury underground. TRASH is to Drummer what the skid-row Tenderloin
            is to bike-row Folsom Street.)
               Editing  Drummer with such theatrical reality in mind, I massaged
            its thirty-day format to address the readers’ genuine ever-morphing
            stage-iness. I aimed to give them a magazine that in editorial content and
            masculine attitude was a positive environment in which to re-write their
            “scenes,” re-cast their “actors,” and re-invent the narrative arcs of their
            Id-fetish “scripts ” in Drummer every month.
               It is amusing that this introductory essay is longer than the original
            notice in Drummer, but when the editorial “manifesto” was originally
            published most readers were, as it states, “dudes” steeped in the culture,
            innuendo, and personalities that it seemed necessary to reconstitute
            here — these many years later — for context.
               A madeleine, after all, is just a tiny cookie.
            II. The editorial essay as published in Drummer 20, January 1978

            Getting Off

                   Crimes Against Nature 1977

                             Gay Guerrilla Theater

            Crimes Against Nature, written and performed by the Gay Men’s Theater
            Collective, has been the held-over hit of the 1977 San Francisco Season:
            Like A Chorus Line and Hair, Crimes Against Nature is a high-energy semi-
            musical in which the characters/actors expose the most private truths of
            their lives. Crimes,  headed for Los Angeles and New York, deals spe-

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