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524                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               again. This was the first show I’ve done in 10 years and I was
               pleased to see what a professional job I did acting. I was interest-
               ing and real which felt rewarding to be so creative. Actually, I’ve
               changed over the years so that the story I told was much closer
               to who I am now than was my original story . . . . They say the show
               took 10 years off my look which I think it did . . . . Nevertheless, my
               T-cells are down to the 300’s and my viral load is edging up. My
               interior infant feels helpless with this looming disaster. I am doing
               what I can to stay healthy at the same time I feel helpless . . . .
                   Jack, I hope your holidays were bright and filled with cheer.
               Great to see you again after all these years. Thanks for support-
               ing my theater work too. The years have treated you well . . . . May
               comfort and joy surround you this holiday season! Hope to see
               more of you this coming happy new year. Love, David [Baker].

                                                   Text below was written on
                                                   the  back  of  the  photo  of
                                                   David Baker and Michael
                                                   Workman on the opposite

                                                    Christmas Solstice 1989
                                                   May Peace fill your hole
                                                   Happy Solstice.
                                                   I hope you have a great
                                                   New Year. All is well here
                                                   and I hope all is well with
                                                   you. I think of you often.
                                                   Be well and big bear hugs.
                                                   Misha and Dave
                                                   PS This picture was taken
                                                   the last day I shaved. I ran
                                                   out of shaving cream so the
                                                   beard is coming back.

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