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528                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.

            Are there sexists who hate masculinity and sexists who practice sissyphobia across the range
            of the Kinsey Six? The minute after gay liberation broke out, the gay gender wars began.
            In the 1970s, graffiti began to appear on toilet walls across San Francisco, and high on the
            outside wall of the abandoned Falstaff Brewery South of Market: “Queers Against Gays.”
            From before the 1849 Gold Rush miners, San Francisco, countering a kind of “Viva Las
            Divas” metastasis, has long been the prime mover of gay masculinity. The gay civil war over
            gender was a central and controversial theme in what The Advocate called the “Gay Gone
            with the Wind,” Jack Fritscher’s story of Ryan “Miss Scarlett” O’Hara and the burning of
            the Barracks baths: Some Dance to Remember: A Memoir-Novel of San Francisco 1970-1982,
            Reel 2, Sequence 6 and Sequence 8. Plutonium Players publicity kit.

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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