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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 35
             together in San Francisco, they left their individual elsewhere’s behind
             them; like me, they came because they had to come.

             A TRIBE OF MEN . . . HORNY MEN

             It must have been a similar raw force that led Jim to bring Jack and myself
             together. It had to be done, and so he did it. I soon appreciated that Jack
             knew, and was known by, a large and diverse ensemble of people. His
             interests were courageously wide-ranging, and completely sincere. He was
             determined to understand all of the pieces of this new cultural puzzle we
             found ourselves in, and by assembling the many pieces to see what it was
             that the pieces were working to form. It was a time when free and readily
             available sex, in infinite variety sometimes anonymous but more often
             not, defined the day. Sex was everywhere, really and truly everywhere,
             and you could have as much as you could handle.
                In this place and time, Jack was as eager a reveler as everyone, but
             he was more than a participant in this throbbing crowd scene. With sex
             everywhere, many people blissfully thought no further than the next,
             soon to be realized, orgasm. Jack, however, also recognized uncommon,
             unknown, or “new” variations beyond the traditional man-to-man “naked
             sweat and grunt,” and sensed that these other sexually charged interac-
             tions were rich and significant. Jack undertook the weighty task of seeking
             out often secret and unspoken aspects of manly sexual excess, obsession,
             and activity; he was driven to make sense of it all, and intellectually will-
             ing and able to explain it in a judgmental-free manner, thus opening the
             doors to other men who needed a little push, or a pull, to open themselves
                It would be immodest for me to claim that I ever planned to become
             a student of men, or sex, or human nature. My awareness developed in
             parallel to my work. I regard my own experiences as the product of having
             lived a very lucky life. Jack, on the other hand, spent many disciplined
             years in universities, learning and teaching. In the end, we have each
             become student and scholar of the same tribe, but with the wonderful
             advantage of perspective drawn from opposite poles. For both of us, call-
             ing became a vocation. As members of a subculture, in a special time and
             place, we each were provided an opportunity to observe aspects of our
             own culture and various sub-cultural fringes, from the inside and the
             outside. We each chose to trust the integrity of the unguided voices of
             other men who we determined knew the truth, and who would describe
             the truth to us.
                In 1975, Drummer was launched in Los Angeles. But before it had
             time to define itself, find its voice, fate intervened. A gay bar fund-raiser,

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