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532                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            magazines must be responsive monthly to new currents in culture; and
            magazine writing goes deeper than weekly gay papers.
               In Drummer 99, page 5, and in Drummer 100, publisher Anthony
            DeBlase wrote that I was driving Drummer with a purpose: to celebrate
            and empower the most deeply closeted gay men, the masculine ones no
            one had ever considered might be lovers of other men. Patrick Califia, in
            one of his books, mentioned that “Fritscher is a prophet of homomascu-
            linity.” Like the zealous Patrick, I am sometimes apostolic about forging
            new identities and making them available.
               I meant this cover lead feature to stir up even more the awakening
            jock consciousness among gay men who in American pop culture had
            been historically denied the “jockstrap role” and instead assigned the
            “victim-magnet role of the sissy.”
               Without any mention of campy cheerleaders, I interviewed, wrote,
            and produced this reflection of the “Gay Sports” movement as a key
            metaphor of emerging male-gender identity in Drummer where internal
            evidence shows that the keyword printed most frequently, particularly in
            the self-describing personals, is masculine (including masculinity).
               In March of 1977, I coined the new word homomasculinity to clarify
            a newly visible “way of being” for men.
               [Edited in October 5, 2007: For more on the use of language in
            Drummer, see the “Eyewitness  Drummer” article: “Homomasculinity:
            Framing Keywords of Queer Popular Culture in Drummer Magazine”
            from the Queer Keywords Conference, “The(e)ories: Advanced Seminars
            for Queer Research,” University College Dublin, Ireland, April 15, 2005.]
               I may have invented the empowering word, but I did not invent the
            empowerment of homomasculinity itself which has long burned in the
            hearts of many homosexual men.
               Like Adam in the Garden of Eden with his task of naming every-
            thing, queer pioneers immediately after Stonewall had much to name
            within the sex culture that till then dared not speak its name. Through the
            years, some men in the leather culture and in the bear culture, have taken
            my queer-theory word to heart. Long used in the alternative sex world,
            the word homomasculine went fully into the gaystream in The Advocate,
            August 20, 2002, on page 55, in the article “Daring to Be Bears” by Larry
            Flick, senior talent editor of Billboard magazine. On August 1, 2003, the
            conservative talking head Andrew Sullivan came out on as a
            bear, one of the largest identity movements in homomasculinity. This
            linguistic evolution is a response to real life in which time and hormones
            change men’s bodies through the maturation of the male secondary sex
            characteristics that identify men as a gender.

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