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                    Years before  the  Gay Olympics existed  and  before  all the
                rainbow leagues of gay sports suited up, the term “Gay Sports”
                in Drummer served as code and metaphor for homomasculinity.
                    With a light touch, this “Gay Sports” essay, written in 1977,
                analyzes the genesis of the archetypal homomasculine “Castro
                Street” look in grooming, clothing, and physique. Its antithetical
                stereotype, the “Castronaut” look of the “Castro Clone” sent up
                by the Village People, was humorously satirized in my “Gay Dete-
                riorata,” Drummer 21 (March 1978) and in “Castro Street Blues:
                1978 Style,” Drummer 24 (September 1978).

                Homomasculinity has liberated masculine-identified gay men.
                Homomasculinity is a way of being, as valid as being a traditional
             sissy, even though the politically correct misjudge that homomasculinity
             means macho or sexist, which it doesn’t.
                Homomasculinity also recognizes homofemininity.
                This aspect of the male paradigm does not tread on the female para-
             digm, nor on any paradigm in between.
                Homomasculinity is often a personal choice within gender style as
             much as it is genetic destiny.
                Many gay men do “their mother’s act.”
                Other gay men act out the best of their fathers. See Some Dance to
             Remember, Reel Two, Chapter Six.
                Neither “identity act” is better than the other, but one is less likely to
             make a man a target-victim.
                Consider this theory: as long as homophobes feast on the idea that
             gay men are, or want to be women, they will abuse us the way they feel
             free to abuse women.
                Homomasculinity threatens heteromasculinity way differently than
             does sissyhood.
                Because of this horn-locking assertion of virility, men in straight
             sports and the military fear the queer who might outshine them man-to-
                I shaped Drummer as an on-going “masculinist manifesto” to uncloset
             a repulsion-attraction demiurge in masculine-identified gay culture.
                In what turned into a serious and sideways review of  Drummer,
             Michael Bronski wrote of my Drummer writing collected into my 1984
             book Corporal in Charge and Other Canonical Stories: This anthology of
             Drummer features and fiction written by Fritscher is

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