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540                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            the gut-punching theme going in the videos Rough Night at the Jockstrap
            Gym; Larry Perry Raw: Naked Came the Stranger starring Mr. Drummer
            contestant Larry Perry; and My Nephew, My Lover starring Mike Jacob
            who touted himself as the German International Mr. Leather (IML) con-
               To illustrate my “Gay Sports” essay I used the Joe Tiffenbach photo-
            graphs; a wrestling drawing by Matt; a Mr. California physique contest
            photo cut to make the headless competitors anonymous; one still photo
            each from Rocky and The Longest Yard; one photograph of baseball player
            Ron Cey with fist rampant which I used again on the cover of my Man-
            2Man Quarterly #2 (December 1980); two photographs by Bob Heffron
            of a water skier who looked as if he might be the Colt model Ledermeister
            aka Paul Gerrior; a cartoon of a track-and-field athlete in a kilt — the first
            kilt to appear in Drummer (See also my Highland Games’ photographs
            in “Men in Kilts,” Drummer 25, pages 92-93); two photographs of the
            newly “out” football player Dave Kopay; two photographs shot by my
            traveling companion Gene Weber of us doing some underwater fisting
            in the Caribbean; one wrestling photograph by Bob Mizer at AMG; two
            “boxing bag” and “boxing chair” photos with three wrestling photos by
            David Hurles featuring John Handley of the Manhattan Boxing and
            Wrestling Club shot at the private ring owned by Golden Gloves coach
            Greg Varney (with the byline wrongly attributed to Handley on page 84);
            and one photograph of the staff inside Tuffy’s gay sporting goods store at
            597 Castro. The photograph on page 10 of the jockstrap-view of football
            quarterback Ken Stabler in Sports Illustrated is bylined as “David Hurles”
            whose name I sometimes used with Hurles’ permission when publisher
            Embry balked at my bylining all my input into Drummer. I designed and
            shot this jockstrap photograph in my own bed using the popular San
            Francisco muscleman, my pal, Paul Merar as my model.
               Before  Drummer, Sports Illustrated was one of the main sources of
            erotica for homosexuals in the way that National Geographic was used as
            porno by heterosexuals. In fact, I made Sports Illustrated, like the Marl-
            boro Man campaign, one of the informing images that drove the ethos of
            Drummer. Sports Illustrated was often mentioned in Drummer.
               My “Gay Jock Sports” article is a manifesto about how we gay men
            reacted to being politicized by the fundamentalist culture war started by
            Protestant Republicans. To quote the 1978 article: “Everyone is rethink-
            ing masculinity today.”

            II.  The feature essay as published in Drummer 20, January 1978

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