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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                541
             The Gay Sports Revival:
             Should Only Straight Guys Have All This Fun?

                             Gay Jock Sports
                    Wrestling, Boxing, Rollerballing, Soaring,
                    Scuba, Bodybuilding, Dune Bodies, Films

             He chews Redman tobacco, wears a railroad engineer’s cap at the helm,
             and often pisses over the side of Courageous, the 12-meter yacht he skip-
             pered to the America’s Cup crown. Before the America’s Cup races, he
             pep-talked his crewmen as if they were a football team, playing the theme
             song from Rocky to fire them up. His name is Reginald Edward Turner III,
             although he’s more often known as “Captain Outrageous.”
                Ted Turner is a perfect 38 years old, a Georgia peach of a jock who
             stretched his RET initials to name his own WRET-TV station [which
             became his global super-station CNN] . He sees himself as Scarlett’s
             Rhett modernized. International yachtsman Turner owns Atlanta’s base-
             ball and basketball franchises. He buys and sells pro-ball players like Big
             Macs. In a former existence, the dashingly handsome Turner no doubt
             owned a stable of gladiators. In this existence, he’s a macho, married,
             handsome, straight, millionaire jock.


             Of all the current gladiator dreamjocks, Oakland Raiders’ quarterback
             Kenny Stabler is a man of a southern class more redneck than the aris-
             tocratic Turner. “My lifestyle,” Stabler confessed to  Sports Illustrated,
             “is too rough — too much booze and babes and cigarettes to be a high-
             school coach.” Stabler is big, bearded, and so butch that after winning
             the Super Bowl, he described the Raiders’ locker room victory party as a
             great release: “Coach Madden was all red and grinning and the guys were
             hugging each other like a bunch of fruits.”
                Twice-divorced Stabler now keeps Wickedly Wonderful Wanda so
             close that she emerges “like a bauble from the shadow of his armpit.” (Jock
             reporters, like Robert Jones, have a way with words to make your mouth
             water.) Always an athlete, Stabler, nicknamed “Snake,” was 6-3 and 185
             before pro-ball weight training boosted his bulk to 215. “The stronger you
             are, the more muscle you got around those joints, the less likely you are to
             get hurt.”

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