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             Charles Atlas made millions merchandising muscles to keep sand-kicking
             bullies from stealing away the heart of beach blanket Annettes. Atlas’
             successor, Joe Weider, publisher of Muscle Builder, one of the world’s truly
             great catalogs of beefcake, peddles classic sex in ads with Arnold Schwar-
             zetcetera  [Schwarzenegger]  touting  protein  powder  while  a  bikini-girl
             hangs over his bionic shoulder with a National Lampoon-tang look on her
             face. Weider’s catalogs are wonderfully illustrated for one-handed reading
             late at night for anyone who gets off on a hyperbole of bodies.
                Athletes have long endorsed products promising first of all a ter-
             rific body (Bruce Jenner for Wheaties), then a body with sex appeal (Joe
             Namath for you-name-it), then clothes with success appeal (Bob Gri-
             ese for leisure suits from Sears), and finally the unstoppable Joe Willie
             [Namath] — in his classic pantyhose [ad]. Woody Allen summed the
             Jock Sell up in Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex in the
             sequence with the two jocks, stripped down to white towels and tan torsos
             at the locker-room mirror, endorsing the irresistible qualities of some sexy
             product on an athletic body. Naturally, they fall into each other’s hot
             embrace, as naturally as ballplayers pat ass, snap towels in the shower and
             talk chauvinist talk about broads and fags.
                Athletics is attitude. Players spend as much time psyching as practic-
             ing. A jock is only as good as his body and his psyche. So when chased by
             jock-groupies of both sexes, players can get cynical or jaded. One baseball
             player recently claimed San Francisco was the worst place for a jock to try
             and get laid, because everybody in the Bay Area was either a hooker or a
             fag. Somehow, that should make it easier.
                When the sport is as good as sex, as in Pumping Iron when Arnold
             rather truthfully states that a good muscle pump is as good as cuming,
             then the sport includes its own sexual end. Uniforms often exaggerate
             body parts with protective padding or expose the body for freedom of
             movement. I have Super-8 movie evidence I’ll be glad to show any man
             who himself is around 6’, 190, with 18” arms, that at more than one phy-
             sique contest, my zoom lens has, by sheerest of accident, caught certain
             bodybuilders during their posing routines growing erect in their sheerest
             of posing briefs. That’s not only okay. That’s the point. Among other
             things that it is, sports is exhibitionism. And what’s the Ultimate Exhibit?
             The Body.
                Schwarzenegger wasn’t booked in as an “exhibit” at the Brooklyn
             Academy of Music for nothing [during the 1969 and 1970s Mr. Olympia
             Physique Contests]. He was booked to exploit his body. His acting career,
             going back to the Italian spear-and-sandal epics when he was billed as

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