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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                545
             Equally well remembered is O. J. Simpson working out at the gym at
             City College of San Francisco [1965-1966; corrected from UC Berkeley
             in the original]. O. J. Simpson long before he hurtled suitcases in TV ads
             for Hertz [Rent-a-Car], pleased more than one pair of adoring eyes while
             he minded his own business at USC [University of Southern California].
             As only [Boyd McDonald’s] Straight to Hell # 32 magazine could juicily
             put it:
                Before going to Stanford, I was working in Hollywood and
                going to USC part time. This was during O. J. Simpson’s last
                year at USC (1969-1970). Because I used to run, lift weights,
                swim and generally hang out at the gym, I met the straight O.
                J. a number of times.
                    One afternoon I was in the weight room working on an
                exercise machine called a Universal Gym. The leg-press part is
                lowest to the floor and faces the south wall which is covered
                with mirrors. I was on this part of the machine when O. J. and
                a couple of his Black buddies came in to work out. They were
                bareassed except for bulging jockstraps. We exchanged nods and
                greetings and O. J. came over to work on the bench press section
                which was raised and to my left. Since I’d seen O. J. stripped to
                gym shorts several times before, I already knew he had a great
                bod: thick neck and arms, gigantic thighs, and beautiful dark
                reddish-brown skin. So this time I concentrated on the private
                parts. His jock pouch was filled out quite well, and because the
                bench press user has to spread his legs wide to the sides of the
                bench, he unknowingly gave me a fantastic panoramic view of
                his beautiful tight buns bulging out of the jock: dark, moist,
                curly-haired crack; fuzzy crotch; plus just a hint of asshole and
                a peek of one large thick nut sac. What a juicy mouth-watering
                straight stud. I wonder if the sports writers realize how appropri-
                ate his pro-nickname, “The Juice,” really is.

                In this media-mad world, anybody can fantasize almost anything
             about anybody, and Simpson even way back then, minding his own busi-
             ness, was already larger than life.

             WIDE-SCREEN JOCKS

             Boxer Ken Norton infuriated Muhammed Ali by appearing in a tab-
             loid wearing only a jockstrap. That strap covered a lot considering the
             package the classically built Norton displayed in Mandingo. In that Dino

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