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552                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            gain acceptance as sportsmen through upfront softball with teams fielded
            by the San Francisco police. When a sports team that “happens to be gay”
            beats a sports team that “happens to be straight,” the straights figure they
            were outclassed by some better jocks and they realign their opinion about
            the opponent “cocksuckers,” and they all go off to a gay bar for a victory
            beer ordering neither Coors nor screwdrivers. The game and its aftermath
            are a celebration of two varieties of ways to be masculine in America:
            straight macho and gay macho.
               Everyone is rethinking masculinity today. Read  Semi-Tough, Ball
            Four, The Boys of Summer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Front Runner, plus
            Mary Renault’s cock-and-bull-jumping novel The King Must Die where
            nude athletes do tricks in the arena. Best of all is Gary Shaw’s Meat on the
            Hoof, a straight non-fiction expose of college football and the battle of a
            player to get into the big leagues. (Dell publishes it.) Shaw wrote:

               Probably the varsity’s most popular game was “Record Races.”
               Here they would strip several of us (football players) naked and
               divide us into two groups. Then, they would bring out our
               “toy”’ — an old 45-rpm record. They placed the toy between
               the cracks of our asses. We had to carry it from one end of the
               hall to the other without using our hands. We would then have
               to — again  without  using  our  hands — place  it  in  our  team-
               mate’s ass. If he happened to drop it, his partner had to pick it
               up with his mouth, and put it back in place. These races were
               considered the highlight of the evening.

               Not to imply anything about Shaw’s straight sexuality, but he adds:
               It seems rather ludicrous now, but my best moments as a fresh-
               man Longhorn were spent at the same time every day, in the
               same toilet stall, and on the same john. Being able to lock that
               stall, and then sit and read a magazine in total privacy for thirty
               minutes each day, enabled me to survive that first year.

            HOT SPORTS
            All sports until recently were heavy team sports: major equipment for
            ten to thirty guys, either seven feet tall or 250 pounds. Anything less
            than  basketball, football, or baseball was sissy. Schools today emphasize
            individual sports a man can play his whole life. Tennis, once strictly for
            women and Latin males, has a whole new machismo. TV has interna-
            tionalized sports, junking All-American Babe Ruth baseball, and going

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