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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 553
             beyond seasonal football and basketball to include hockey, soccer, hand-
             ball, racquetball, soaring, sky and scuba diving. To find the full vari-
             ety read the bumper stickers. DIVERS DO IT DEEPER is one sticker
             that the accompanying photos taken off Grand Cayman Island by Gene
             Weber at an 80-foot depth gives a raised fist salute to.
                Admittedly, the jockstrap boxer in Waiting for Mr. Goodbar was about
             as hot as DeNiro steeling himself to endure in Taxi Driver through hard
             workouts. But the ultimate jockstrap movie is Paul Newman’s Slapshot.
             Actor Michael Ontkean plays a hockey goalie who skates around the ice
             arena crowded with spectators cheering on an illegal ice-brawl. Ontkean
             breaks it up by stripping his hockey uniform piece by piece to the strains
             of “The Stripper,” getting down bare-assed to nothing but his skates,
             socks, and his chock-full-of-nuts jock. All in slow motion. It is a High
             Moment of cinema fetishism. Ontkean’s slow strip stops the disbelieving
             brawl, proving, if nothing else, that sex, especially in Ontkean’s overflow-
             ing cup, can stop violence.

             GAY SPORTS: TUFFY

             Peeled down the same way, Tuffy’s Sportswear on Castro in San Fran-
             cisco caters to outfitting the gay jock from the jockstrap on out, layer by
             layer, out to whatever sports uniform is needed. Tuffy himself is behind
             the competition between San Francisco and Los Angeles for the First
             Annual California Cup in gay all-star football, basketball, and volleyball.
             Through Tuffy’s USA Club, whitewater rafting trips are currently coordi-
             nated by Larry Kratzer, a veteran tour guide of whitewater trips through
             northwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah.
                Tennis, racquetball, and squash are coached by Jim Stacy, athletic
             director for gay racquet sports. Stacy has instituted a challenge system for
             advanced, intermediate, and beginning players. Stacy is one of northern
             California’s top squash players. The caliber of coaching and play for ten-
             nis, racquetball, squash, and badminton is geared to provide the good gay
             athlete with quality competition while insuring adequate instruction for
             the beginning player.
                Bodybuilding, sponsored by Tuffy’s USA, likewise looks to the inter-
             ests of the beginner. Since most gay men belong to either a traditional
             weight gym or a Nautilus Fitness Center, this bodybuilding association
             addresses itself to the needs of gay pumpers wherever they work out.
               Utilizing the buddy system, advanced bodybuilders share their training
             tricks with men on the threshold of a properly bulked and defined phy-
             sique. An openly gay physique contest is planned for the near future.

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