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558                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            in the hospital after his shoulder surgery. A photo of Jim “Thumper”
            McPherson appeared as “Thumper” in Drummer 115, page 32.]


            For armchair and hand-job athletes who get off on the male body in
            the triumph of victory and the agony of defeat, the following three
            firms — endorsed perhaps against their will — give excellent service on
            fine quality Super-8 films which you can show through your projector
            at normal speed or at slower speeds as low as three frames per second in
            order to see each ripple of muscle, each drip of sweat, and each celebration
            of manflesh.
               1836 W. 11th Street
               Los Angeles 90069
               AMG understands gay interests. Its catalog is, in fact, a very hot
            magazine. As usual, state you are over 21 and enclose $1.25. AMG maga-
            zines have long been collectibles. Nearly everyone in the Midwest came
            out looking at good old Physique Pictorial. The wrestling films featured
            vary on a scale of 1 to 10 according to your tastes in hustlers, ex-cons, and
            make-believe cops going at each other. Good fantasy stuff.
               FILM ASSOCIATES
               P.O. Box 545
               Venice, California 90291
               If you like bodybuilders, you’ll never find better posing, oiling, and
            contest physique footage in the world. Reels feature the incredible Mike
            Mentzer, Scott Wilson, Roger Callard, Joe Means, and hundreds of other
            top bodies in Super-8 films. Film Associates’ product is expensive, but
            its quality of visual fidelity and satisfyingly quick service, in addition to
            bodybuilders you will never any other way get close to, make judicious
            purchase a continuing nightly joy. Especially recommended for athletes
            looking for a jolt of motivation. Film Associates features little, if any,
            nudity. They are forthrightly straight, but certainly worthy of use as a gay
            resource by men who appreciate the male body as the ultimate sculpture.
            Send $1 for the latest brochure.
               415 Belleview Avenue
               Normal, Illinois 61761
               If you think pro-wrestlers are fat comics of the mat, Sports Film
            International will quickly disabuse you with its array of Super-8 color
            professional wrestling matches featuring men for every hot taste in real
            rough-and-tumble choreography. Football being a seasonal sport, many

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