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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 39
             muscle, and vigor of this strong young man who had been starved of
             sexual liberty for so long, prepared to stare at his angry face, and face his
             antisocial rage, focused to burn a hole through my body, ready already,
             not pleased by delay! In fact, with the presents open around the tree and
             bread broken, each person at Jack’s home was anxious for the sweet desert
             of a good joint and the familiar embrace of an unfamiliar male body, to
             meld with one’s own, to finalize the holiday with the bliss and ecstasy that
             holidays would seem to command and deserve. Jack also had plans laid
             out to celebrate the smells and tastes of the day with another throbbing
             side of brute. Nevertheless, with a scholar’s determination (and maybe
             some brandy or a joint), he patiently made my bank robber the center
             of attention, encouraging him to educate us about his area of expertise,
             about sex behind bars. Happy, fed, and joyful, those assembled finally dis-
             persed into the fog-bound white night to rendezvous with our individual
             physical, or metaphysical, closure of the day.
                On every possible occasion Jack and I went, sometimes with oth-
             ers, to the Golden Gloves, as well as to the pro fights (usually featuring
             lustrous lightweight Latino hopefuls, all of who looked good enough to
             eat without washing first), when they still had Friday night fight cards
             at the Civic Center Auditorium. Greg Varney, a Golden Gloves trainer,
             explained to us the ins and outs of the teen amateur sluggers, and got us as
             close as we could get to the worldly wise young brawlers. We would leave
             sprayed with blood, spit, and sweat; but we left with new schooling, too,
             plus material for a month’s worth of vivid wet dreams. Jack wrote a “Gay
             Sports” article about boxing for Drummer as well as a Golden Gloves arti-
             cle about Varney whom he dubbed “Noodles Romanov.” [See Drummer
             20 (January 1978) and Drummer 29 (May 1979).] Much the same dream
             infusion could be said about the amateur bodybuilding contests that Jack
             managed to discover and film in out-of the-way high-school gyms and
             East Bay Masonic Lodge halls. These were very “straight” affairs loaded
             with sexual tension, and we were moles, intermingling to observe a hidden
                Within my bedroom (and despite the exasperation of his longtime
             lover David Sparrow) Jack examined the planes and curves of many mus-
             cular hustlers, along with the chasms and gorges of their minds. Some
             were my gift to him; others probably qualified as Research and Develop-
             ment for Drummer. I was accustomed to the nuances and signals of my
             thugs, but Jack dove headfirst into the shallow end with some of the most
             treacherous and unpredictable brutes, yet always came through with a
             (sometimes shaky) smile, and having learned and experienced new things.


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