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572                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
                  Captions: Eyewitness documentation of the existence of graphics providing
                  internal evidence supporting Jack Fritscher’s text are located in the Jack Fritscher
                  and Mark Hemry GLBT History collection. Out of respect for issues of copy-
                  right, model releases, permissions, and privacy, some graphics are not available
                  for publication at this time, but can be shown by appointment.

                       Two photographs. “Scuba Fisting 1” and “Scuba Fisting 2,” Drummer 20,
            Eyewitness  page 17, top and middle. Taking “water sports” to a new depth (times 2).
            Illustration Two anthropological photographs documenting legitimate homomascu-
                      line behavior below the waterline of the Titanic 1970s. San Francisco
            photographer Gene Weber and Jack Fritscher were frequent traveling companions to Japan
            (bamboo house of bondage, 1976) and the Grand Cayman Islands (private dive charter,
            underwater handballing, 1977). Prior to travel, the intimate Drummer scuba group trained
            for certification in the pool at the Leatherneck bar at 11  and Folsom. At Grand Cayman,
            guarded by a safety instructor (right), gonzo journalist Jack Fritscher, daring anything for
            a Drummer photo shoot, twice directs and enacts a penetrating maneuver into the synchro-
            nized swimming. Photographs by Gene Weber. ©Gene Weber
                       Photograph. “Boxer Ken Norton” angered recent Muslim-convert, the
                       boxer Muhammad Ali, by appearing in this jockstrap photograph that
            Illustration circled the world in every kind of underground gay ’zine there was in those
                       days of cut-and-paste-and-photocopy. Norton starred in the Hollywood
            hit Mandingo  which was frequently featured in Drummer. In the liberated 1970s, this
            famous photograph inspired the muscular black cop in a jockstrap in the film Cruising.
            Soon after, Black Muslim puritanism dictated long and baggy trunks for boxing and bas-
                       Brochure. “Physique Movies in Super-8mm,” Film Associates Brochure,
            Eyewitness  Venice, California. Bob Mizer, Athletic Model Guild, published Physique
            Illustration Pictorial as a magazine-brochure to sell his 8mm and Super-8 films of
                       muscular young men. Fans of AMG were often also fans of Film Associ-
            ates who featured very sexy, but sex-free, competition bodybuilders posing in classic rou-
            tines. Secret Soundtrack: From the end of World War II to the advent of the VCR in 1981,
            the noise most heard in a gay man’s bedroom was the clacking sound of his Super-8 movie
            projector. Film Associates publicity kit. ©Film Associates.

                       Magazine article by Jack Fritscher. “Mike Dayton: The Last Gladiator,”
            Eyewitness  feature article and centerfold spread, written for Drummer, appeared in
            Illustration the “Virtual Drummer,” California Action Guide (November 1982). Local
                       hero, former Mr. America Mike Dayton, the straight and charming and
            heroic Bay Area bodybuilder and karate champion, whose father was a cop, appeared fre-
            quently around San Francisco with his professional strongman show, bending bars, and (in
            a guileless metadrama of Drummer fetishes) escaping shirtless from multiple handcuffs and
            steel restraints, being shot at through a phone book, and being hanged by the neck until
            parents complained. He starred in the film Mike Dayton Strength Show (1984). Personal-
            ized publicity kit photograph ©Mike Dayton, given by Mike Dayton to Jack Fritscher
                       Photograph. Gay pro-footballer “Dave Kopay” in Drummer, publicity kit
            Eyewitness  photograph

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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