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584                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            from inside his tight belly to his dick hanging out of his jeans: untouched,
            untouchable, but willing to piss down hard and heavy on the right moth-
            erfucker laid back in the tub. One by one, then in pairs, building to four
            and five at a time, they join together in a waterfall of piss.
               Each chooses his own target. A man in the tub can study how some
            guys choose to piss on his boots. Others on his jock. Many on his chest.
            Most on his face and shoulders. The streams come thick. Some with
            firehose force. The hard ones piss straight down on his body. The thicker
            soft cocks rain down in a curved arc of beer-rich piss.
               Ordinary to great bodies climb into the tub. Every body looks better
            hosed down with gallons of shiny piss. The look of the wet skin. The
            sound of hot piss splashing on warm flesh. The feeling, from celebration
            to humiliation, of aiming cock to piss on another man’s cock and balls.
            The feel, to the man in the tub, of twenty streams of piss hitting him at
            once. The hot energy trade-off, man to man, in a communion of piss.

            One dark-headed guy stands at the head of the tub with a dozen orange-
            and-blue Bike supporter boxes. He opens them slow and deliberate. One
            by one. Pulling out of each a clean new jockstrap. He opens the first box
            and throws the jock on the belly of the body soaked in the tub. Three
            dudes turn their dicks directly on to the new jock. It soaks up their piss
            fast. The second Bike box opens and the second jock lands in the tub.
            Again and again. The bearded guy tosses each box to the floor as he tosses
            each jock on top the man in the tub.
               Another guy, one of those blonds with a thick red Marlboro mous-
            tache, sticks a finger through a small hole near the neck of his own white
            T-shirt. Slowly he tears the white cotton, shredding it to strips of rag,
            revealing his good pecs and smooth belly. He holds the rag of T-shirt
            balled up in his hand. His other hand pulls out his cock. He pisses long
            and heavy into his torn T-shirt. His cock hardens as he pisses.
               The other men, except for one with a piss-load that won’t quit, stop
            leaking to look at the big blond. When his T-shirt is soaked, he balls it
            up, wrings it out over the face of the man in the tub. Then he pisses in
            the shirt some more. Two other guys piss toward his cock pissing into the
            shirt. One hits the shirt. The other hits the blond’s jeans.
               Nothing bothers him. Pissed out, he lobs the dripping T-shirt like a
            wet softball into the face of the man in the tub. He catches it in his mouth
            and sucks it. Loud. His eager sucking causes six or seven more cocks to
            piss in his face.

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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