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586                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               The source of all this cruel, unusual, and hardon punishment of
            young American males is not a foreign prison camp. It is the U.S. Navy’s
            own hard-assed school for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape
            (SERE). Designed to train servicemen to survive the rigors of POW life,
            the Navy’s two SERE programs, one at Warner Springs near San Diego
            and another in northwestern Maine, lost their secrecy recently when an
            embittered SERE graduate filed suit against Navy personnel, exposing the
            SERE training as an S&M reality.


            Navy Lt. Wendell Richard Young, rejected the secrecy forced on every
            SERE graduate, telling tales of fetid tiger cages, beatings and jarring judo
            flips by Navy instructors he called “gorillas,” and a torture device called
            the “water board.” Young also charged, though not in his suit, that SERE
            students have been tortured into spitting, pissing, and shitting on the
            American flag, masturbating on order before Navy guards and, on one
            occasion at least, engaging in sex with an instructor.
               The Navy denied the unsubstantiated charges of sexual abuse, but it
            did acknowledge the use of water torture and physical punishment in its
            training camps. A Navy spokesman, Comdr. William Collins, insisted
            that these activities were mostly “illusions of reality” that were not as
            dangerous as they seemed.
               These “illusions of reality” done in the name of “patriotic military
            training” sound very close to the “illusions of reality” done nightly in the
            name of “sleazy sexual ritual.” In America, it’s not what you do, it’s what
            you call it in order to excuse it.

            An ex-Navy officer, who was not gay at the time of his SERE training,
            explained that only after he was out of the Navy and had come out sexu-
            ally that he realized the full implications of the weeklong SERE training
            which he was forced to take on threat of disciplinary action.
               He was stripped to his skivvies and boots and made to stand at atten-
            tion in a line with the other young officers forced to take the San Diego
            training. They were hooded one by one, “sacked” the guards called it,
            with a heavy canvas bag tied around the neck. After that he saw no one
            except for contact with the guards. His hands were tied behind his back
            and he was locked in a kneeling position inside a small wooden box where
            he was left hooded, tied, and cramped for twenty-four hours. He figured
            the large tin can between his thighs was for his piss. Hooded he couldn’t

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