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610                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            by showing them that what they could take from Salo was not just S&M
            but also political rage against what all we leather hippies accused much of
            the establishment: Fascism.
               Besides, “Gowns and Uniforms” were in the air. (“Gowns and Uni-
            forms” is my code phrase for the modern anti-Nazi genre of movies nos-
            talgic for World War II.) A year after this Pasolini essay was published, the
            Museum of Modern Art in 1979 hosted a “Fascism and Gays” symposium
            in which gay historian Martin Duberman participated.

                                American Fascism 2

                   Fascism is totalitarianism marked by a fundamentalist right-
               wing dictatorship supporting war-driven patriotism and national-
               ism. What we feared in the 1960s and the 1970s came true on
               9/11 with members of the Senate and the Congress singing a fun-
               damentalist arrangement of “God Bless America” on the Capitol
               Steps while some of them made threatening gestures to suspend
               the Constitution and declare the sitting president dictator-for-life.
               When George W. Bush reaches the end of his second term, he
               may decide not to leave the White House.

               Down Castro Street, a few blocks from the Drummer office, Supervi-
            sor Harvey Milk was warning gays not to let their civil rights be taken
            away as they had, Milk said, in Nazi Germany.
               On November 7, 1978, the Briggs Initiative was defeated.
               Twenty days later, on November 27, 1978, Supervisor Harvey Milk
            and Mayor George Moscone were gunned down in San Francisco City
            Hall by Dan White, the only supervisor to have supported the Briggs
               The alarm I tried to sound in this review went off.
               My career thumbnail: Internal evidence in my  Drummer  writing
            shows that while I always wrote sex-text about living life in the fast lane, I
            also wrote a sub-text about being careful medically and astute politically.
               As Pasolini had been murdered, as Milk had been murdered, as Opel
            had been murdered, so were we all at risk — faced with the murderous
            Fascism of our anti-gay enemies.
               It did not please me that I had to write my column on Harvey Milk’s
            death, on the very day he died, while his body was still warm, for Drum-
            mer 26 (January 1979).

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