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624                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
                  Captions: Eyewitness documentation of the existence of graphics providing
                  internal evidence supporting Jack Fritscher’s text are located in the Jack Fritscher
                  and Mark Hemry GLBT History collection. Out of respect for issues of copy-
                  right, model releases, permissions, and privacy, some graphics are not available
                  for publication at this time, but can be shown by appointment.

                       DVD and book cover. In the 1970s, both the films and writing of right-
            Eyewitness  wing Yukio Mishima and left-wing Pier Paolo Pasolini became required
            Illustration viewing and reading in the canon wars over establishing gay art and lit-

                       Four DVD covers. After the Prague Spring of 1968, Fascists and Nazis
            Eyewitness  invaded the popular culture of the 1970s. Franco reigned in Spain; Nixon
            Illustration ruled over Watergate; and the Vietnam war did not end until one month
                       before the first issue of  Drummer. Top: Fernando Arrabal’s  Viva La
            Muerte; Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin Stories morphed into I Am a Camera and Cabaret;
            the underground grind-house “guilty pleasure” of Drummer readers was Ilsa: She-Wolf of
            the SS.

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