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                 Written September-October 1977, this book review was
                 published in Drummer 20, January 1978.
                 I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction
                    written July 25, 1996
                 II.  The book review as published in Drummer 20,
                    January 1978
                 III. Eyewitness Illustrations

             I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction written
                July 25, 1996

             This book review was written in tandem with my friend Bob Zygarlicki,
             a moustached blond with a wide-open and smiling face. As a very young
             part of the stable and salon around Drummer, he supported my editorial
             work with his writing and his photography. At first I had mentored him
             and his writing through my personal tutorial advertised in Drummer as
             “Writer’s Aid” helping young authors get started in the emerging 1970s
             style of erotic magazine journalism. Other Drummer graduates of my
             “Writer’s Aid” included — among some notables whose names I cannot
             reveal — Skip  Navarette,  John  Trojanski,  and  Anthony  DeBlase  who
             became owner and publisher of Drummer in 1986. As Zygarlicki matured
             into the Drummer style, we worked together to produce several articles
             including a review of the bar, the I-Beam.
                Like all publishers, including The Advocate founders, Dick Michaels
             and Bill Rand, who had six people writing under twenty-six pseudonyms,
             John Embry wanted to give the impression that Drummer was written by a
             boatload of talent. To satisfy Embry, I assigned this tandem review a solo
             byline crediting Bob Zygarlicki only.
                As editor in chief, I performed as a constant and “serial ghostwriter”
             in Drummer.
                Zygarlicki really existed, although few believed it.
                On Folsom Street, my pals, including especially my longtime friend,
             Hank Diethelm, the founding owner of the Brig bar on Folsom Street,
             often made references to “Mr. Cigar Licky” and made jokes that my funny
             fetish pen name didn’t fool anybody.

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