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626                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               However, at the CMC Carnival 1978, I photographed a shirtless Bob
            Zygarlicki, wearing a black leather collar and chain, followed by his dark
            bearded partner Jack Wilburn; both sport dark glasses. I published the
            photograph in Drummer 26 (January 1979), on the bottom half of page
            85. Zygarlicki also shot Wilburn for the cover of the “Virtual Drummer”
            magazine titled Folsom, issue #4 (1981).

            II.  The feature essay as published in Drummer 20, January 1978

            Drummer Reads The Books

                 Gay Source: A Catalog for Men

            Dennis Sanders
            Berkeley Publishing Corporation New York, 1977

            Conventional gay cruising areas like bars, parks, and public restrooms are
            currently declining in popularity as gay awareness opens alternate avenues
            of meeting. These days, everything from sports to church socials provide
            gay activities through which we can meet, cruise, and encounter legally
            and with dignity. An awareness of this trend appears to be the basic moti-
            vation of Gay Source: A Catalog for Men, compiled, written, and edited by
            Dennis Sanders who states in his Preface: “There is a broad, somewhat
            informal, but nevertheless highly functional network of businesses, com-
            munications, and services which have arisen in response to the needs of
            our great gay community.”
               Gay Source is a 290-page compilation of what is happening where
            within a sweeping variety of gay-oriented activities around the country.
            Topics covered range from the serious to the whimsical: arts to health
            to drugs to body awareness to fashions to legalities to religion to vaca-
            tion paradises. Sanders prefaces each topic with an informative, and
            often entertaining, article detailing what the area is all about, followed
            by listings, descriptions, and up-to-date correspondence information for
            organizations, books, periodicals, and resources.
               Sanders is upfront with giving  Gayellow Pages  [founded 1973] its
            due credit while explaining how the Gay Source Catalog has angled its
            useful perspective without duplicating Gayellow Pages’ work. His preface
            explains his Catalog: it is for men; bars and retail businesses are excluded
            as are poetry and fiction listings while gay musical composers and theater
            are included. Where other directories provide information Sanders has
            chosen not to include, he lists them and recommends cross-reference. He

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