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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                627
             has chosen a selection of fresh topics which “ . . . will give a cross section of
             information, viewpoints, and areas of interest.”
                Twenty-eight writers, each credible in his own field, have been cho-
             sen to author the thirty-five succinct prefacing articles, many of which are
             reprints from a variety of national publications. Each article describes the
             history and the current state of each particular topic. Some articles offer
             insightful direction for the future. Others emphasize where more work is
                Sanders has chosen not to dwell on the oppression that gays face in
             the non-gay world, but rather to point out the amicable relationships that
             exist in many areas between the gay and non-gay worlds. The Gay Source
             Catalog emphasizes our human sameness rather than our sexual differ-
                Sanders’ energy shows in his detailed listings of the organizations,
             books, periodicals, and resources he has chosen for his catalog. In these
             lists, he presents thoroughly all appropriate information concerning the
             listing and then very objectively evaluates it from several different per-
             spectives. He states why the one book chosen is the best available, support-
             ing his evaluation with objective evidence. He never negates absolutely
             any listing. Whatever is included is obviously relevant and worthwhile.
                As with any book of lists, none can ever be completely up-to-date.
             Gay Source works well even with this handicap; very few out-dated list-
             ings caught my eye. Sanders states that he was often disappointed by the
             lack of response from many businesses and organizations who neither
             provided or updated information. Within the listings, he offers alternative
             directories and publications to bridge this gap in up-to-date information.
                Often The Gay Source Catalog contains interesting surprises: a his-
             tory of “gay pirate buccaneer homosexuality” is detailed; a state-by-state
             summary of sodomy, indecent exposure, lewdness, solicitation, and dis-
             orderly conduct laws; a positive approach toward government assistance
             for gays. Many articles offer a “how-to-do” approach: how to publish your
             own book, how to pump-up in ten minutes without a gym, how to go
             about making the decision of “coming out” professionally, how to handle
             an arrest situation, how to choose a therapist, etc. Sanders’ book takes a
             most positive descriptive approach of how things are, rather than a nega-
             tive proscriptive attitude on how things should be.
                Gay Source: A Catalog for Men is a sound investment for any gay man,
             no matter where he is geographically located. For those not having the
             freedom of gay interaction offered in larger U.S. cities, Gay Source is a
             practical and even necessary reference book for finding alternative means
             to meet and communicate with other gay men. For those of us surrounded
             by the freedom of The Big Time, Gay Source is still very good news.

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