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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                633
                My last paragraph was an explanation of my intent as editor in chief:

                    Drummer  is dedicated to fun, fantasy, and fetish. But
                between the lines lies some social conscience, or, at least, we like
                to think, some recording of our gay social history.

                That recording of gay history was what — the day before the kill-
             ings — I had been writing about: the onrushing end of the CMC Carnival
             which was being ousted from the San Francisco Seaman’s Hall.
                Like the seventeen photographs of CMC for Drummer 20, the thir-
             teen documentary photographs in Drummer 26, pages 82-85, were shot
             by my domestic lover of ten years, David Sparrow, and me dba “Photos by
             David Sparrow.” We featured our Drummer cover man Mike Glassman
             aka “Big Mack Macker” who became the Colt model Ed Dinakos. In my
             ongoing credit and byline war with publisher Embry, both of my CMC
             articles (text and photos) were credited on the contents page solely to
             David Sparrow. The signature style of writing clearly identifies authorship
             even without byline.

                              THE CMC & THE SLOT

             The first bike club to be officially incorporated in California was the
             CMC on April 15, 1963. The California Motor Club (not “Motorcycle”)
             was organized at 111 Gilbert Street, San Francisco, in a warehouse used
             by Jack Haines’ father to clean used refrigerators and stoves. Its industrial
             atmosphere made for a perfect clubhouse. The idea of the club was Jack
             Haines’ and another man, currently unnameable, as he is allegedly still
             in Mexico waiting for the statute of limitations to run out on whatever he
             has been accused of doing.
                The CMC had nothing to do with Jack Haines’ two other ventures.
             Jack Haines was also one of the first celebrants of fisting in San Francisco
             in 1960; he brought the ritual from Los Angeles to his acolyte in San
             Francisco, Tony Tavarossi. He was also the founding owner of Fe-Be’s and
             the legendary Slot Hotel, the crystal palace, which seemed sprung from the
             mind of T. S. Eliot whose J. Alfred Prufrock was describing the Slot when
             he whispered on about “certain half-deserted streets,” about “restless nights
             in one-night cheap hotels,” and about being “etherized upon a table.”
                “Oh, Baby, never ask, ‘What is it?’ on your visit! You may not be able
             to handle it.”  — Jack Fritscher, “Leather’s Founding Daddies,” “Rear-
             View Mirror,” Drummer 129 (June 1989)

           ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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