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634                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               Beginning in 1966, the annual CMC Carnival was the main leather
            event of the autumn. The reason the Seaman’s Hall stopped renting to
            the CMC Carnival was because the once-small event had grown to a mob
            scene, always orderly, but huge, and sexual, with the first-floor parking
            area turned into a pissoir of wild sex on drugs celebrated by thousands of
            men in leather.
               I think the CMC chose Seaman’s Hall, 350 Fremont Street, South
            of Market as a gayification of Ken Kesey’s throwing his successful “Acid
            Test” parties in San Francisco venues such as the Longshoremen’s Hall
            in North Beach in 1966. So many of us from South of Market attended
            Merry Prankster Kesey’s “Acid Test” happenings at the Fillmore that it
            seemed a natural progression when acid — versions of LSD — became the
            basic drug for mind-expanding gay sex. At the Barracks bath, for instance,
            an “office” water-cooler burbling with free Kool-Aid mixed with Owsley
            acid often stood in the lobby — especially on holidays like July 4, Hal-
            loween, Christmas eve, and New Year’s eve — with tiny white-paper cups
            for anyone who wanted a hit.
               At the CMC Carnival, the mix of men and drugs and open-minded-
            ness was so rich that a man’s life could be changed, revolutionized, and
            transmorphed in a moment. At the CMC Carnival in November 1977,
            an LA bodybuilder named Dan Dufort tripped me so we could fall into
            each other’s leather arms, and, although he and I after an initial affair
            turned out to be a lifelong friends rather than sexmates, he months later
            introduced me to the championship bodybuilder Jim Enger who became
            my lover for twenty-eight months while I was editor in chief of Drummer.
            In turn I introduced Enger, who ennobled my writing in Drummer, to
            my bicoastal lover Mapplethorpe who found it absolutely necessary to
            photograph the drop-dead blond physique champion. Life happened and
            art happened, and Drummer happened, because of the CMC melee which
            was the tip of the Titanic 1970s.
               For details on how I directed and staged our on-location CMC pho-
            tographs for Drummer, see the volume titled The Drummer Salon in this
            series Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer.
               The CMC Carnival was such a representative and “high leather ritual
            event” that Drummer 3 (November 1975) bragged on page 46 that cover
            man Val Martin, star of the films, Boys in the Sand (1971), Sextool (1975),
            and Born to Raise Hell (1975), was voted “Mr. Leather” at the Hawks’
            annual Leather Sabbath in Hollywood, and would be representing Drum-
            mer and “the Southern California Leather community at the even larger
            CMC Carnival in San Francisco in November.” Surfing a wave of homo-
            masculine popularity, Val Martin also appeared as “Renso” on all thirty-
            six pages of Impact 1 (1974), a Ramon Publication, and in the one-issue

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